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Pastoral Visitation in Rotterdam

The aftermath of the Second World War left Rotterdam in ruin. However, Rotterdam today is a place for many people to call home. It is also now the home of a newly renovated worship building of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) when it was dedicated to the Lord God by the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo on July 7, 2019.


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Voiceover: Just seven days after the house of worship dedication in North Shields, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo once again led the brethren in a worship service to God on July 7, 2019, to dedicate yet another house of worship. This time in the local congregation of Rotterdam

During the second world war, the German bombing of Rotterdam left the city in complete ruin. But, as for the people of Rotterdam instead of rebuilding what once was, Rotterdam was reconstructed with a new purpose to stand at one of the forefronts of sustainability. Rotterdam is now a place of peace and prosperity with people riding bikes at every corner; electric tram going to every part of the city, and wind turbines powering this architectural marvel. What was once a place of ruin is now a place for people to once again call home. This is a recurring theme with the newly renovated houses of worship of the Church Of Christ, where old, abandoned and dilapidated worship buildings are bought and refurbished with one purpose—to worship God. 

Roger Abergas: When we first saw this worship building, it wasn’t in good condition because before there was a lot of clutter, it was in disarray. To tell you the truth, brethren from Amsterdam and The Hague came to help, clean, and prepare for the house of worship dedication. Now, we have a beautiful new house of worship in the Church Of Christ.

Voiceover: Through the Bible, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo reminded the brethren that God is always ready to help those who truly worship Him.

Justin Voshol: People say that because the Netherlands is a free country, oh, you guys have it easy; you guys are free to do whatever you want. But, it’s not that easy because there are struggles, everyone has those struggles. 

Michiel Van Laar: For me, the best solution is indeed the worship service because it’s the only place where you can go to turn to God. 

Jürgen Hacke: I definitely believe that, because I often pray to God and He can help me in my difficult situations.

Justin Voshol: For example, I experience things in life that bring me down. Like what Brother Eduardo said—life has so many problems, there are so many calamities. All around us, there are attacks happening, earthquakes, and famine.

Marcel Voshol: Like other people, Church Of Christ members also experience problems and trials in life but the only thing that we have is our Lord God that we can turn to. So, when we have trials or tribulations in our life, we can go to the house of worship, even when it’s not time for the worship service, we can go there to say our personal prayers to our Lord God.

Peter Leenars: It was already for a long time in our hearts that we have longed for our own chapel and this day is finally here, it’s truly a blessing to all of us.

Leigh Gonzales: I feel blessed and overwhelmed with how God loves His children. 

Michiel Van Laar: From his visits here, for Brother Eduardo V. Manalo,  it’s obvious that he really cares for all of the brethren.

Greeting 1: Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, thank you so much for everything, for taking good care of us. We love you so much.

Greeting 2: Thank you so much for visiting here in the Netherlands and leading us in a worship service to God.

Greeting 3: Thank you so very much, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, for being with us today. We thank our Lord God that He has sent you to be with us, for you to strengthen us in our faith, to encourage us to never let go of our faith, of our calling inside the Church Of Christ.

Voiceover: The Rotterdam house of worship now stands as a beacon of light in this part of the world. Please stay tuned to Executive News as the Executive Minister continues to visit the brethren all around the world.

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Pastoral Visitation in Rotterdam