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Using Digital Evangelism To Share Faith With Others

Allan Sison decided to think “big” after hearing a lesson taught by the Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo. He decided to look beyond the city he lived in and to share his faith with pastors and religious leaders around the world, all from his tech devices.


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Allan Sison: If we invite people in the Church, how can we make this more effective and many, as fast as we can? We’re running out of time. 

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Allan Sison: Well, it started when Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo, our beloved Executive Minister, our leader, [who is] really inspiring us to do this missionary work—and I remember what Brother Eduardo said, “We must think big.”—meaning, even in missionary work, intensify.

Allan Sison: I was thinking how can I do that here in America. How can I do that here, I have no influence.

Allan Sison: I created a Facebook account, just for propagation purposes, to be friends with pastors or religious leaders all over the world in any particular country. There’s a search, a space where you can search. I just put the pastor, what country you want to go or you want to search and it popped out—and it happened [to be] that one of them is Bishop Davidson from Sierra Leone. 

Allan Sison: So we started to converse, and he introduced himself.

Allan Sison: I’m ready to introduce the Church because we have videos, video links from which I’m prepared to show to him.

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Bro. Barry Thompson: Hello and welcome to Face The Truth, a program brought to you by the Church Of Christ, I’m Brother Barry Thompson.

Allan Sison: He has 295 members, and he has numbers of pastors helping him and he has a connection with other church pastors.

Allan Sison: And I told him that this Church is so biblical, and I will send you the video. Study the Church and I will contact you again.

Allan Sison: When they saw the video, I can say they are shocked in awe of this Church, and as if they saw something that‘s out of the world, out of the planet. And I told them this is the work of God. This is not [a] man-made church.

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Bishop Davidson: Can you please wave to the Church Of Christ. 

Allan Sison: So it’s—they’re really happy that they see the Church.

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Bishop Davidson Congregation: (Singing) You are welcome. You are welcome. You are welcome.

[On-screen text graphics – A welcome parade for the first Church Of Christ Resident Minister in Sierra Leone. Today through the care and guidance of the Church Administration and the support from brethren like Allan, a group worship service was established in Sierra Leone and continues to reach many other countries in Africa.]

Allan Sison: The progress, and the teaching, most especially the teaching. They have never seen such kind of teaching from other church.

Elijah Bulambo: I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We only have the internet connection here in our country, but my spirit, it really connects to you. When I hear the message from the videos of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, it touches my heart, because I’ve been looking for the truth. Me, my family and my people here­—we need salvation. We are lost without knowing the truth. 

Allan Sison: So we need to move by what the campaign [is] of [The] Church Administration to intensify the propagation, bring them the true Gospel—like the technology, the Facebook, you see—Messenger, you can video call. 

Allan Sison: And when they see that, you did your job, you did your job. And let God do his part to touch their heart, and use you again to talk to them and connect them to our minister close by because there’s a lot of ways.

[On-screen text graphics – To date, Allan has shared his faith with pastors in 114 countries.

Allan Sison: The greatest passion I believe is to invite people to the Church, and God willing, they become a member. Not only one, but many, because through that, God is happy.

Allan Sison: I felt happy. I already see that this is going to be big. For me, I’m not the one that has a big role, I’m just part of the big role because my part—it is just the beginning to connect them to our minister for them to start teaching the gospel or our doctrine. That’s what we need to happen for them to believe, to become a member of the Church.

Allan Sison: And that’s what our beloved Executive Minister [is] teaching us, that we need to go out and save many people, and that’s more motivating to me.

[Translated from Tagalog to English]

Allan Sison: To my most beloved Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, thank you so much for all the activities and works that you have launched for all the people who are not yet members of the Church Of Christ.

Allan Sison: From my family, we would like to say that we love you very much. 

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Using Digital Evangelism To Share Faith With Others