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MusiKo Season 3 Finalists Put Show-Stopping Performances

Get ready to be captivated by the electrifying grand finals performances of the hit reality TV show "MusiKo" as finalists take to the stage for season 3 grand finals; the latest events in the INC.


MusiKo Season 3 Finalists Put Show-Stopping Performances

Michelle Peredo: Welcome to INC News World. I’m Michelle Peredo, coming to you from the INC media studios in San Francisco, California.

MusiKo, a contemporary songwriting competition of the Church Of Christ, just recently wrapped up its third season, where I was able to witness the Grand Finals held at the EVM Convention Center in Quezon City, Philippines. Come join me as we take a look back at this highly anticipated day and find out who was announced as the grand champion. Let’s check it out.


Xyvey Rayn Odchimar (Composer and Songwriter of ‘Tayo’y Magsasama Habang Buhay’ MusiKo Season 3 Finalist): The fact that it’s not just heard by myself and four corners of my bedroom. The fact that the people in this big hall heard the song and then it was interpreted by another amazing person. It’s really heart-warming for me. I’m very, very thankful.

Michelle Peredo: A heartwarming feeling by Xyvey Rayn– a young composer and finalist of MusiKo season 3 today at the EVM Convention Center in Quezon City.

Xyvey Rayn Odchimar (Composer and Songwriter of ‘Tayo’y Magsasama Habang Buhay’ MusiKo Season 3 Finalist): I may be tired, but it was all worth it. It has been an amazing experience.

Music means so much to me. It gives me this feeling of immeasurable bliss. Not only do I get to enjoy it for myself, but I can praise God through music.

Michelle Peredo: As a full time student, Xyvey Rayn from Caloocan has had a passion for music since an early age. Now, in her early twenties, she plays the guitar and writes her own music. Recently, her composition entitled ‘Tayo’y Magsasama Habang Buhay’ was chosen as a finalist to compete today with seven others at the MusiKo season 3 Grand Finals.

Xyvey Rayn Odchimar (Composer and Songwriter of ‘Tayo’y Magsasama Habang Buhay’ MusiKo Season 3 Finalist): The struggles that I faced as a student are academic difficulties, financial budgeting and time management. But at the end of the day, I felt very blessed when I found out that I was one of the MusiKo season 3 finalists, so in that way I get to gain back my inspiration and motivation so that I could continue writing the lyrics and finish the whole song.

Hosts: “This is the ‘MusiKo season 3’ Grand Finals!”

Michelle Peredo: MusiKo, a reality TV show and songwriting competition of the Church Of Christ has given way for members to showcase their talents in the musical arts, featuring originally composed songs written by members of the Church Of Christ from around the Philippines, a wide array of songs were chosen to be showcased as finalists, covering themes from family, and the pandemic. And songs about overcoming hardship and love.

Xyvey Rayn Odchimar (Composer and Songwriter of ‘Tayo’y Magsasama Habang Buhay’ MusiKo Season 3 Finalist): My song is actually about couples who are in long distance relationships. I really thought that situations like that weren’t really given that much exposure when it comes to songs. So I thought, “Why not? Let’s write about this.”

Michelle Peredo: As part of the competition, professional artists from within the music community were invited, some as guest judges and some to collaborate with writers, giving them a chance to bring to life their creations to its greatest potential.

Janah Zaplan (Professional Recording Artist and Interpreter of ‘Your Friend’): I’m just really honored. The INC is really putting up their platform to share their stories, their talents. And with this kind of competition, I am excited to see what more INC can do in the next season of MusiKo.

Jomelyn Navalta (Composer and Songwriter of ‘Your Friend’ MusiKo Season 3 Finalist): The message that I want to share to the audience is the importance of having a good friendship with someone, and also the idea of sharing whatever problems and burdens you have in life. It’s important to have someone whom you can share with.

Ai Dela Cruz (Host, MusiKo Season 3): For this season, one of the differences is that we got to travel around the Philippines. We got interpreters from different parts of the Philippines. We got to do their music videos from their hometowns, and that’s just really a whole new element that made this season much more interesting and much more diverse.

Michelle Peredo: And this season of competitors did not disappoint, putting together show stopping numbers, performing for a theater filled with audience members from around the nation, with even some attending from abroad.

Angelica Fisher (Attendee, Daly City, California): Whether it is music related, whether it is an evangelical mission, but to have these experiences as someone who is a foreigner, someone who is from abroad, it is truly amazing to see the scale of the Church here in the Philippines and it only gives me more hope to see that in other countries or even in my own area, to be able to bring that kind of faith and love and community to my very own back home.

Yuriel Langit (Performer, ‘Sabi Ni Lola’ According to Grandma): We were able to hear the songs of our brethren. The brethren can also express their love of music and share their compositions, too.

Michelle Peredo: Though all competitors put up undeniably outstanding performances, there could only be one announced as the grand winner.

Brother Edwil Zabala: The Grand Champion of MusiKo Season 3 is… ‘Sabi Ni Lola’ (According to Grandma) by Ian Quiruz!

Michelle Peredo: Hailing from Tarlac, announced as Season 3’s Grand Champion, Ian, with his song ‘Sabi Ni Lola’, or in English, ‘What Grandma Said’..

Ian Quiruz (Writer, Grand Champion, ‘Sabi Ni Lola’ According to Grandma): We weren’t expecting this. We came here not thinking about who would win, who would lose. We came here thinking, “How are we going to enjoy the moment? How are we going to cherish every second we’re here?” It’s because time passes by quickly. In an instant, everything becomes history. That’s why, as long as we are here, we will be so thankful to God that He allowed us to experience this moment.

“According to grandma, I should imitate my mom and dad’s love wherever my future takes me.”

Veer Deangelo (Performer, ‘Sabi Ni Lola’ According to Grandma): I’m excited and happy we’re part of the performance in ‘Sabi Ni Lola’ (According to Grandma). 

Edmont Boy (Performer, ‘Sabi Ni Lola’ According to Grandma): It helps us because we are given a chance by Almighty God to perform songs that are involved in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ). It’s a very good song because it reminds us of what our grandma has been telling us and her advice to help us in our life choices.

Angelo Garcia (Professional Recording Artist and Interpreter, ‘Sabi Ni Lola’ According to Grandma): It gives me goosebumps because there are lessons in the song. You want to keep listening to it over and over again. There are so many activities around the INC community. It brings joy to my heart that even though I’m not an INC member, I was invited. Thank you so much, I’m very thankful.

Ian Quiruz (Writer, Grand Champion, ‘Sabi Ni Lola’ According to Grandma): This is the sweetest moment I’ve ever felt in my life. The cheer of the crowd was the loudest I have ever heard in my life. I will make sure that it doesn’t end here because we will continue to write and write. This will serve as a flame to further fuel our hunger for writing.

Michelle Peredo: For Xyvey Rayn, she takes home with her an experience of a lifetime.

Xyvey Rayn Odchimar (Composer and Songwriter of ‘Tayo’y Magsasama Habang Buhay’ MusiKo Season 3 Finalist): It’s never easy because it’s not like we’re the best. We’re not professionals. Because of God’s help, this opportunity to have someone interpret my song and to have someone actually make an amazing arrangement out of it and to be able to experience the whole thing, it’s just very, very amazing to feel. So I’m very, very grateful. As long as God continues to provide me with life, I will forever praise Him and I will try my best, my very, very best that I will use the talent and the skill that He has given me to not only help the Church Administration, but most of all, praise His Almighty Name.

Michelle Peredo: Whether professional or amateur, the Church Of Christ continues to create avenues for members to express themselves creatively and in unity, all while growing stronger in the true faith.

Ai Dela Cruz (Host, MusiKo Season 3): What makes MusiKo different is that we’re also giving a chance for creators to participate in [Church Of Christ] events. Of course, this will be helping us in the propagation of the words of God, and this will really help in how the Church is already expanding across the world.

Hosts: “Let’s all see each other next season. Singers and song-writers, you can join here where we discover new talents and music. This is MusiKo Season 3!”

Michelle Peredo: Michelle Peredo for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.


Michelle Peredo: From Asia to Australia, we witness how the latest events have inspired members to cultivate and share their faith around the world. Let’s take a look.


Michelle Peredo: Our first stop takes us to the ecclesiastical district of the Mediterranean. Located about 73 kilometers northwest of Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem is the city of Kfar Saba.

And it is also here in this historically rich city that the Church Of Christ planted its roots with a new Group Worship Service. To commemorate, an Inaugural Worship Service was held, led by supervising Minister Brother Ramil Regino and the faith of the Church Of Christ members in attendance were strengthened. 

Chenee Semillano (INC Member, Kfar Saba, Israel): Our hearts are filled with gladness because our Lord God has allowed the inaugural worship service here in Kfar Saba. 

Brother Ramil Regino (Supervising Minister, District of Mediterranean): This is such a wonderful opportunity for our brethren here in Kfar Saba to hold its first ever inaugural worship service so that the worship service is much closer to our brethren.

Michelle Peredo: As the Church Of Christ continues to grow here in Israel, members like Junie are even more motivated to share the truth with friends, family, colleagues and their fellow men.

Junie Delos Reyes (INC Member, Kfar Saba, Israel): We promise that we will continue to uphold our faith and we will strive to further increase the number of members here for the glory of our Father.

Michelle Peredo: For our next stop, we head northwest to the ecclesiastical district of Italy North, where the Church Of Christ continues to grow. This time a baptism was held in Milan. In a worship service led by Supervising Minister Brother Dylan Ramos, candidates for baptism like Camilla were inspired to begin this new chapter in their lives.

Camilla Quaranta (Newly Baptized Member, Milan West, Italy): I am very happy because I am finally in the true Church and I am sure that I have faith and receive the true salvation. Therefore, being part of this Church makes me genuinely proud and happy. I hope that one day I will be able to go to the Philippines to visit all the [local congregations]. And if I have the opportunity to meet Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, I would be delighted. I will propagate what I have received and for me, this is very important.

Michelle Peredo: And along with Church Of Christ members in attendance, they were reminded of the importance of not only being active in all the activities inside the Church, but also in sharing the true faith to even more people around the world.

Davide Amato (Deacon, Milan, Italy): We always put our hearts into activities and especially in the works of propagation. I will also denote myself in helping fellow members so that we can always be united in every evangelical mission so that many people will know the truth written in the Holy Scriptures

Michelle Peredo: We now travel across the Atlantic Ocean to the ecclesiastical district of Washington, D.C. Located about 16 miles south from the state capital is the city of Temple Hills, Maryland, where Church Of Christ members and guests were able to travel the world in their own backyard. Through a ‘Welcome, My Brethren’ International Food Fair. Attendees were able to enjoy games, a musical program and trying out delicacies from different countries. And for guests like Vernon, they were able to not only enjoy the entertainment provided by the Church Of Christ members, but also form new bonds.

Vernon Hayden (Guest, Temple Hills, Maryland): It’s good to see people get together. It’s hard to have gatherings today without incidents happening. And it’s good that everything’s smooth, everything went smooth.

Michelle Peredo: Included in the event was a ‘Care For Humanity’ activity where care packages were distributed to all guests that were in attendance.

Brother Audric Dulay (Minister of the Gospel): We wanted to have this activity to show care and concern for our candidates for membership and candidates for baptism and reaching out to the community. And activities like this are also to edify the members of the Church, the brethren. Everyone has a busy schedule, so activities like this bring us together as a district. We can socialize with one another, see each other, even though we haven’t seen each other for a long time and dwell together in brotherhood.

Michelle Peredo: Through this event. Church Of Christ members were able to bond with one another while extending care to neighboring communities.

For our next stop, we travel south to the land, down under and to the ecclesiastical district of Australia West, where studies show that on average, one in three people will need blood or blood products in their lifetime, and 29,000 donations are needed every week to meet the demand. But to help this need for blood donations, Church Of Christ volunteers gathered in Melbourne, Victoria, at the Australian Red Cross Blood Donation center, holding an INC Giving blood donation event. First timers and veterans all flocked to support and were able to give help where it was needed.

And for our final stop, we head east to the ecclesiastical district of Hong Kong for an event anticipated by the Buklod or married Church Of Christ members throughout the district– Buklod Night. Buklod members dressed to the nines and gathered at the Regal Airport Hotel in Lantau Island. Attendees were able to enjoy musical performances and various games, all while being able to socialize with one another.

Through the guidance of the Church Administration. Church Of Christ members throughout the world are inspired and motivated to strengthen their love for one another through various activities, while encouraging one another to be united in their services to the Almighty God.

To keep up with the latest activities in the Church Of Christ, visit or subscribe to our YouTube channel @INCmedia.official.


Richie: Well, that does it for us on this episode of INC News World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on, our youtube channel, and on streaming platforms. I’m Michelle Peredo. Thank you for joining us, stay safe, and we’ll see you next time. God bless!

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MusiKo Season 3 Finalists Put Show-Stopping Performances