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Mangrove Tree Planting and Care for Seniors

Join Elijah to see how INC Giving volunteers decided to help their community through mangrove planting in Pantukan, Davao De Oro and how their fellow volunteers in Arboga, Sweden showed their care for senior citizens in this INC Giving recap.


Elijah: Hi again, everyone! Elijah here and I’m excited to see all of the incredible

INC Giving projects shared by INC Giving volunteers from around the globe in this week’s recap. Thank you for sharing all of these with us. Are you guys ready? Let’s go!

Elijah: We’re starting off with a message of thanks from Grass At Home 705, a long term care home in Moncton, Canada. You know, we should never underestimate how a simple act of kindness can make someone’s day. Just look at all the smiling faces of the residents. I remember participating in ‘Singing For A Cause,’ and I can’t wait to do it again.

Elijah: In Arboga, Sweden, INC Giving volunteers showed care for the elderly in their community by playing a few games, singing some songs for them, giving them a few massages and painting their nails.

INC Giving Volunteer: Hi, guys. Good morning. Morning. Today we are going to… Arboga! So we’re going to conduct our INC Giving there to assist and help the elderly.

Healthcare Worker: It was wonderful and it brings joy and happiness and we are thankful for the music, and the gifts, and the coffee, and the good cookies. All the children and the family feeling. You know, it’s—it means something.

Elijah: This is why these INC Giving projects are so important. The uplifting impact of kindness motivates us to keep going.

Elijah: Next up is a coastal cleanup that was held in Hong Kong, at Lap Sap Wan Shek O. That really looks like a beautiful beach.

Elijah: Heading further east to Tokyo, Japan. INC Giving volunteers from Chiba, Ichikawa and Narita held a cleanup drive in Matsudo Central Park. Japan is one of the places on my bucket list for sure. You know, I want to visit for all the delicious food like my favorite, udon.

Elijah: In Dasmariñas, INC Giving volunteers from Sabang worked together to clean up their community. 

Elijah: At a community children’s park, another cleanup drive was held by INC Giving volunteers in Dingalan, Aurora. It’s great that the kids will have a clean park to play in.

Elijah: These INC Giving volunteers in Barangay Aplaya, Santa Rosa City, helped to clean up debris and garbage near the coastline. That’s a lot of trash bags!

Elijah: Over in Urdaneta City, a big group of INC Giving volunteers held a cleanup drive in an effort to take care of their community.

Elijah: Next up is a coastal clean up at Barangay Pagatpat Santa Cruz, Zambales. It’s awesome to see all those INC Giving volunteers working together to clean up the community!

Elijah: Now I find this next INC Giving project to be a pretty cool one! In Pantukan, Davao de Oro, INC Giving volunteers planted numerous mangrove trees near the coastline.

Elijah: Did you know that mangrove forests stabilize the coastline by reducing erosion caused by storm surges, currents, waves and tides—and that mangroves protect water quality by removing pollutants from stormwater runoff before they reach seagrass habitats and coral reefs. Shout out to my marine biology class for teaching me that.

Elijah: INC Giving volunteers from Spring Valley offered free blood pressure checks at the local park in San Diego, California. This is such a great service for those in the community who struggle to obtain basic health care. 

INC Giving Volunteers: INC Giving!

Elijah: Over in Washington D.C., blood donation drives were held across two days at different venues. Way to give the gift of life, INC Giving volunteers!

Elijah: In this INC Giving project, free blood pressure and weight checks were offered to the community in Valenzuela City, Philippines.

Elijah: Here, free shoes and clothing were given to those in need in Mangaldan, Pangasinan, Philippines. Loving that INC Giving poster! It looks like they also offered free blood pressure checks.

Elijah: In this thank you post, the Department of Education in Santa Catalina, Candelaria, Philippines shouted out INC Giving volunteers from Pulong Gubat for the generous meal program provided to the school children.

Elijah: Complimentary breakfast was offered to the community off Orion, Bataan, Philippines, particularly those commuters heading off to work or school for the day.

Elijah: In Mayapa Calamba, Laguna, Philippines, free soup and puto, or a steamed rice cake, were handed out to the local residents.

Elijah: Traffic Enforcers in San Carlos City, Philippines, were given free ball caps and coffee during this appreciation day.

Elijah: And we have another appreciation day, this time for pedicab drivers and street sweepers, in Tangos, Navotas, Philippines. It’s amazing to see so many underappreciated workers are getting their much deserved recognition!

Elijah: And I think that’s everything for this week. Thanks again for joining us for this INC Giving recap. Don’t forget to visit to access the tools page and to watch all of the vlogs and other updates.

Elijah: Until next week, whenever you possibly can do good to those who need it. Bye!


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Mangrove Tree Planting and Care for Seniors