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Making A Difference Through Cleaning Up

There are many ways to thank our community. We can donate clothes to those in need, donate food to local pantries or we can simply clean up our local sidewalks, river-sides and alleys. Join Taylor Joy in this INC Giving recap to find out INC Giving volunteers helped in South Korea and in cities all over the world.


Taylor Joy: It’s a new week! You know what that means—It’s time for a new INC Giving recap. We can’t thank our INC Giving volunteers enough for sharing their experiences with us. You all make these episodes possible. Now, let’s jump right in.

Taylor Joy: Our first INC Giving project brings us to the Cayman Islands, and what a gift to give to those in need. These INC Giving volunteers were all smiles during their blood donation drive.

Taylor Joy: In another blood donation drive, in Barra, Macao, INC Giving volunteers from San Malou and Taipa rolled up their sleeves to donate blood at the Blood Transfusion Service Center. Just knowing that you can potentially help to save a life, that must be an incredible feeling.

Taylor Joy: To keep South Korea clean and beautiful, INC Giving Volunteers cleaned up sidewalks, river-sides, pavements, parks and even community alleys. And did you see those INC Giving shirts in Korean? How cool is that?

Taylor Joy: Despite chilly weathers in Amsterdam, Netherlands, INC Giving volunteers came together to clean up their community.

Taylor Joy: And look at this inviting set up in Sandnes, Norway! I mean, how could passers-by not stop for some free muffins and coffee from some friendly INC Giving volunteers from Stavanger? It definitely looks like this INC Giving project spread some warmth to their community!

Taylor Joy: And over in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada, more coffee and treats were shared with nurses, care aides, and employees at AgeCare Skypoint to show these hard working healthcare workers some appreciation.

Taylor Joy: Even in rainy and gloomy weather, you’ll still see INC Giving volunteers hard at work.

Taylor Joy: In Tandag, Surigao del Sur, Philippines, lots of debris and garbage was removed and collected to try to clear and beautify the coastline.

Taylor Joy: Next up, we have a clothing donation drive in Gifu city, Japan. Residents in need were able to help themselves to a variety of clothing items, while also enjoying a snack.

Taylor Joy: Now we’re heading over to Washington State where donations were made to food banks by INC Giving volunteers. They definitely look excited to help the Emergency Food Network in Tacoma and help those in need in their community.

Food Drive Coordinator: Good afternoon, Iglesia Ni Cristo! Thank you so much for coming out to support Emergency Food Network and the network of 75 food programs that we support. Your donations will reach every part of our community and every part of the county. Thank you so much!

Taylor Joy: We’re going to zig-zag back across the globe now to see the lunchbox donation drive that happened in Melbourne, Australia. INC Giving volunteers from Brimbank donated free reusable water bottles and lunchbox snacks items to families in their community. This is an amazing way to help provide some relief from the rising costs of living.

Taylor Joy: Now, over in Quepos, Costa Rica, INC Giving volunteers from San Jose and Quepos removed trash during a coastal cleanup in Manuel Antonio Beach. 

Taylor Joy: These young INC Giving volunteers are learning at a young age to do good and the importance of preventing harmful items from negatively impacting our marine environment.

Taylor Joy: Another cleanup drive was held in Baguio City, Philippines. Kudos to these INC Giving volunteers for helping to keep their streets and community clean.

Taylor Joy: The Davao Light and Power Company shared a message of thanks to the INC Giving volunteers in Davao: 

Taylor Joy: “Thank you to the members of Iglesia ni Cristo for your coastal cleanup and mangrove planting at Aboitiz Cleanergy Park. Your environmental conservation projects greatly help in Davao Light’s conservation efforts to protect the critically endangered sea turtles nesting at the park.”

Taylor Joy: More mangrove planting! That is so interesting and awesome.

Taylor Joy: And our final INC Giving project brings us back to Canada where free snacks were shared to a community in Medicine Hat. Cold weathers did not stop these INC Giving volunteers from handing out chips, cookies, bottled water, and juices to people near the downtown bus terminal. This gesture of kindness would brighten up anyone’s day!

Taylor Joy: Whew! I feel like I just took a trip around the world! These INC Giving recaps always leave me feeling so inspired. Keep up the great work INC Giving volunteers. We’re already looking forward to the new stories we get to share with you next week.

Taylor Joy: For tools and updates, don’t forget to visit You can also catch up on all of the weekly recaps you might have missed.

Taylor Joy: Remember, whenever you possibly can do good to those who need it. Bye everyone! See you next week.


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Making A Difference Through Cleaning Up