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Keeping The Burns Hill Food Pantry Filled

Food insecurity is a real issue in Guilford County, North Carolina. So INC Giving volunteers from High Point stepped up.



Keeping The Burns Hill Community Food Pantry Filled

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Text: Food security-All people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food. -United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security

Text: There are over 112, 316 residents in High Point, North Carolina. They have a food security rate of 17.1% in Guilford County alone.

Jerry Mingo: In 2015, High Point and the Guilford County area was considered a food desert. We had the highest food insecurity in the nation.

Text: Jerry Mingo and the community leaders of the High Point and Guilford came together to battle the issue of food insecurity.

Jerry Mingo: One of the challenges we have, as far as our food pantry, is getting food in since the pandemic started in March. Our clientele has doubled. So we still get donations, but it’s been a challenge. 

Text: For INCGiving volunteers of High Point, they saw this as an opportunity to work with their community and fill in the gap that the pandemic caused. 

Text: With smiles and cars filled with food donations, they headed to the Burns Hill Community food pantry. 

Jerry Mingo: I hope to see in the future with our organization, and the Church Of Christ, a lasting partnership. I think we both have the same ideas for the need in the community.  

Text: Helping the food pantry replenish their supplies was an afternoon well spent.

Text: Follow us at Facebook and Instagram to see how you can be a part of the next outreach effort.

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Keeping The Burns Hill Food Pantry Filled