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INC Reaches Sydney, Nova Scotia and Vaudreuil, Quebec

As the Church Of Christ continues to grow, the true faith reaches parts of Ottawa; from the ecclesiastical districts of New Jersey, Western Europe, Italy South, Central Europe, Southern Ontario, and Oregon, the latest events in the INC.


INC Reaches Sydney, Nova Scotia, and Vaudreuil, Quebec 


Brother Michael Guerrero: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World: 




Host Continue: The Church Of Christ continues to grow, this time in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and Vaudreuil, Quebec. From The U.S. to Canada and Europe, witness the latest events in the Church Of Christ. Your INC News World starts now. 




Brother Michael Guerrero: Welcome back to INC News World. The Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa of the Church Of Christ consists of 20 local congregations and group worship services. And with the growth of the Church never ceasing, let’s discover the latest additions in this part of the world. Laura Bridget Ibanez has the details. 




Laura Bridget Ibanez: Sydney, Nova Scotia is home to many diverse cultures, and continues to be a popular tourist spot. This is one of the reasons why many choose to live here, like Maridel.


Maridel Torino (INC Member, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada): I’ve been here in Sydney for like 10 years already.


Laura Bridget Ibanez: And she is a pioneer member of the Church Of Christ in this part of the world.


Maridel Torino (INC Member, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada): I’m the first one, the very first brethren here, in Sydney. I’m the only one back in 2012.


Laura Bridget Ibanez: Knowing how important the worship service is she began looking for the closest local congregation to her home. The Local Congregation of Saint John was the nearest. Which is a six-hour drive from where she lives. 


Maridel Torino (INC Member, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada): I travel to Saint John because that’s the only worship service before. 


Laura Bridget Ibanez: As the Church continued to grow a new local congregation was established closer to Maridel’s home. 


Maridel Torino (INC Member, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada): And then come a few years, we had the Halifax [Local] Congregation which is a little bit near to my place. It’s only 4 and a half hours one way. And then, let’s say like 9 hours back and forth. So that’s how we, how I traveled going to the worship service.


Laura Bridget Ibanez: Despite the long distance and the dangers in traveling, especially during winter members, like Maridel, are fully dedicated in attending the worship service. The growth of the members in the Sydney area, a group worship service was established not only to bring the worship service closer to the members but also to help in caring for their spiritual welfare. Led by the Assistant District Supervising Minister, Brother Eleazar Yarcia, members in Sydney were joined by others from neighboring congregations to witness this momentous occasion.


Maridel Torino (INC Member, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada): I was very, very happy. It’s a dream come true for me. Especially I’m the first one who’s been here. I’ve experienced like 16 hours travel than 9 hours travel, now we’re just here to have our own worship service. I’m really happy and blessed that we have our own GWS here. it’s my dream come true, actually.


Laura Bridget Ibanez: Some of the brethren in attendance of this holy occasion traveled great distances.


Bernie Garcia (Deacon, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada): We traveled for almost 5 hours to reach this place of worship. It is so very important for members of the Church to be part of the inaugural worship service of every worship services. And we’re hoping that this new group worship service we’ll grow in numbers as the days go by.


Laura Bridget Ibanez: Members in Sydney were not alone in their joy, as another inaugural worship service was conducted in Vaudreuil, which is located on the opposite side of the District of Ottawa. In this holy occasion that was officiated by the District Supervising Minister Brother Jose Razon II, members were reminded of the importance of obedience to the words of God, one of which is sharing our faith.


Brother Michael Dallo (Resident Ministerial Worker, Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada): As there are many brethren that live outside the Island of Vaudreuil, especially in this area, and so with the grace of God, we were able to establish a local congregation here. Now, the brethren they don’t have to travel far for their places of worship. They can just worship here and most especially, with the grace of God, they have their own local congregation now.

Jayson Collantes (Deacon, Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada): This is one of the works of God. And the Church continues to spread throughout the world. And we are so happy to be part of the growth of the Church, and to be a part of the aim of the Church Administration. 


Laura Bridget Ibanez: With the newly established group worship services and local congregations, members are all the more eager to share their faith.


Maridel Torino (INC Member, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada): For me as a secretary, being an officer, I will do my best to actually help, especially in propagation, like the Evangelical Missions. Inviting all my friends, especially my relatives who will be coming in here. Hopefully, to invite them and get them to listen to the words of God and of course, attend some of our Evangelical Mission.


Laura Bridget Ibanez: The result of the dedication of the members in continuing to spread the words of God, is that many local congregations and group worship services are established, to give many the opportunity to receive the truth. To learn more about the Church Of Christ’s activities, log onto Laura Bridget Ibanez Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network, Ottawa, Canada.




Brother Michael Guerrero: From North America to Europe, let’s take a look at the latest activities in the Church Of Christ.




Brother Michael Guerrero: Our first stop takes us to the Ecclesiastical District of New Jersey where Kadiwa members, unmarried Church Of Christ members 18 years old and above, gathered for a ‘KADIWA Social’ activity. Youth members from Winslow, New Jersey came together to socialize and bond while enjoying a wide selection of winter beverages such as coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. Through activities like these, youth members were given the opportunity to strengthen their friendships with one another while growing stronger in the true faith. From New Jersey, we now head east to the Ecclesiastical District of Western Europe where the Buklod organization of the Christian Family Organization for married couples, gathered to take part in a ‘Buklod Night’. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the organization, married members gathered for a night of spending quality time with others from around the district. For brother Romeo, this event was beneficial in many ways. 


Romero Elevado (Buklod District President, Western Europe): This kind of activity approved by the Church Administration is very valuable for married couples because it further strengthens the love of the couple. And especially gave inspiration to help the Church Administration, and be more active in our services to God. 


Brother Zjefley Morano (Minister Of The Gospel): We are so thankful to our Lord God because He approved to have this activity through the Church Administration. Such activities within the Church, aim to make those who belong to the Buklod organization to be active in their service and to make the love between married couples in the Buklod organization stronger and more fervent. 


Brother Michael Guerrero: From Western Europe, we head to Italy South where another ‘Buklod Night’ event took place. Married couples throughout the district made sure to arrive early to take pictures in remembrance of this special activity. Musical performances including INC original music were put together by married couples for attendees to enjoy. As part of the program, husbands also handed flowers to their wives as a token of gratitude. This activity proved to be a special night to remember as couples were inspired to carry on as husband and wife in the true faith. Activities in the Church Of Christ continue to inspire and strengthen members as we take our next visit to the Ecclesiastical District of Central Europe where members had the opportunity to take part in a 1920s-themed year-end celebration in Bonn, Germany. It was an evening for members to close out the year 2022 by being surrounded by other members in the district dressed up in 1920s fashion. Members enjoyed each other’s company and also invited guests. The program was filled with different INC original musical performances, fun games, raffle prizes, and the giving of awards led by the CFO organizations. Through this event, the bond of the brotherhood was strengthened as members in this part of the world look forward to the next year. We now fly over to the Ecclesiastical District of Southern Ontario where choir leaders in the district held a choir leadership get-together. The choir leaders throughout the district gathered to spend time with each other while playing games and enjoying their favorite dishes. Members of all ages were able to participate in games that got attendees out of their seats, enjoying fun-spirited activities. Activities like these help provide inspiration and motivation as brethren stay dedicated to their duties and especially in their calling. We now head to our last stop to the District of Oregon where members throughout the district held an INConcert. 


Brother Dernila Pascua (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Oregon): We thank our Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ for allowing us to be part of this momentous event—our very first Oregon District INConcert 2023. This is to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the establishment of the district. 


Brother Michael Guerrero: Members celebrated by preparing musical performances in hopes to inspire all those in attendance. 


Jacob Samol (Guest): Absolutely amazing. I enjoyed how everybody felt really comfortable showing off their talents, the gifts that God gave them. And honestly, I’m filled with joy that I [was] able to experience this. 


Brother Michael Guerrero: Performers sang and danced to original Iglesia Ni Cristo music that they rehearsed for many weeks. 


Brother Rod Reyes (Minister of the Gospel): The INConcert of the District of Oregon really gives me a feeling of [contentment] seeing the brothers and sisters of the Church here in the District of Oregon showcasing their talents when it comes to singing. 


Mercedes Pizarro (Performer, Portland, Oregon): when I saw the participation of the brethren, and how being together, singing, and having fun. It just made me so happy to see that from all of them. 


Brother Michael Guerrero: This INConcert truly inspired many to further be active in their membership and to share the love of the brotherhood with one another.


Brother Gem Baitan (Asst. Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Oregon): God who is ever merciful will touch our hearts when we sing to Him with our hearts. 


Clarizza Catabay (Performer, Portland, Oregon): I just want to say thank you to the Church Administration for allowing us to have opportunities like this and have gatherings like this so that we can have more activities that will uplift the brotherhood. 


Brother Michael Guerrero: Church Of Christ members from across the world continue to unite in all the activities of the Church Of Christ and even more in their efforts to continue to share the true faith with their fellowmen. If you want to learn more about the Church Of Christ visit  




Brother Michael Guerrero: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on I’m Brother Michael Guerrero. Thank you for joining us. Stay safe, and we’ll see you next time. God bless! 


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INC Reaches Sydney, Nova Scotia and Vaudreuil, Quebec