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INC Establishes Local Congregation in Sudbury, Canada

Watch the incredible journey of a family who left their home in Qatar in search of better opportunities abroad. Little did they know that their path would lead them to witness a monumental milestone event of the Church Of Christ in Sudbury, Canada.


Naomi De La Cruz: Welcome back to INC News World. Serving as one of Canada’s largest municipalities, Greater Sudbury is renowned as the city of lakes. And it is within this Ontario City where one family embarked on a journey that would become an answered prayer while connecting them to a significant milestone event. Michael Robinson has the story.


Michael Robinson: The Borinaga family have come to enjoy the life they created in the Middle East until an opportunity abroad for Regie came along.

Regie Borinaga (Newly Immigrated to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada): I just happened that my work field of expertise was being offered at one of the schools here in Sudbury which is the Cambrian College.    So that gives me a hard time to decide to just pursue my studies here.

Michael Robinson: And even better opportunities for their children. 

Lourvel Mae Borinaga (Newly Immigrated to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada): So,  it’s really hard to decide to come to Canada but because of the education for kids, we were thinking of them.  Canada’s offering us free education for kids.

Michael Robinson:  Making this choice difficult and yet, another concern would seem greater.

Regie Borinaga (Newly Immigrated to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada): At first, we really don’t know what was waiting for us here in this place.  And especially that is a big question where we’re going to be having our worship service.

Michael Robinson:  And while adjusting to their new life in Sudbury, Canada, they connected with members like Brother Wayne, a Church Officer, in attending the worship services in the local congregation of Blue Mountain, the nearest place of worship to the Borinaga family.

Wayne Garraway (Church Overseer, Blue Mountain Group Worship Service

Ecclesiastical District of Greater Toronto): My wife and I sister, Margie, drove to Sudbury. Once we knew that they were here, we want to be able to help the brethren move around the province and know that, you know, when I stop in Sudbury, I’m going to be able to attend worship service.

Michael Robinson: Because traveling to the worship service from Sudbury to Blue Mountain was an ongoing challenge for the Borinaga family. 

Lourvel May Borinaga (Resident, Sudbury, Canada): Blue Mountain is like 4 to 5 hours travel from Sudbury.  And yes, we need to like rent a car.

Michael Robinson: But still able to attend the worship services, the time would come something greater would come for Sudbury.

Regie Borinaga (Resident, Sudbury, Canada): They inform us that sooner or later we’ll be able to get the chance to have a GWS [group worship service] established in Sudbury. They know that we’re very eager to really have the kind of worship service that we’re longing for.

Michael Robinson: Longing for a place of worship to be established in Sudbury is now a reality.   Church Of Christ members throughout Ontario joined for an inaugural worship service held at the Radisson Hotel in the Ecclesiastical district of Greater Toronto.   

Lourvel May Borinaga (INC Member, Sudbury Group Worship Service, Ecclesiastical District of Greater Toronto): Because now we

can do our duties and it’s really…the feeling of doing the worship service.


Regie Borinaga (INC Member, Sudbury Group Worship Service, Ecclesiastical District of Greater Toronto): Made me cry when I hear the choir alive and singing to praise God.

Michael Robinson: Led by District Supervising Minister Brother Glendo Baitan, the inaugural worship service exemplified the importance of this milestone for the Sudbury community.   Serving now as inspiration for members in Sudbury.

Brother Joan Apita (Resident Minister, Sudbury Group Worship Service, Ecclesiastical District of Greater Toronto): The worship service is the source of our inspiration and our courage.  So whatever happens in our life, we may go on to carry out our God-given duty, and that is to worship Him. 

Michael Robinson: And in response to this growth, more officers were added to this new group worship service.

Nerissa Dulay (Choir Director, Ecclesiastical District of Greater Toronto): Places of worship are getting nearer and nearer to them so that more and more, more and more people can actually attend our worship services and hear all the teachings inside the Church.

Brother Isidro Diña Jr. (Assistant Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Greater Toronto): And indeed all this is because the brethren remain to be believing, trusting, and hoping in our Almighty God that no matter which part of the world they may be, the Lord God will always look after their welfare through the valiant leadership of our Executive Minister, who truly loves and cares for the brethren’s welfare.

Michael Robinson: The Borinaga family is grateful to now have a place of worship nearby to fulfill the faith they love.

Regie Borinaga (Auditor, Sudbury Group Worship Service): We are very happy to be part of this historic event.  So, I really pray to God that this group worship service will further flourish and more people from outside will come to know the INC [Iglesia Ni Cristo] on this side of the world.

Lourvel May Borinaga (Head Secretary, Sudbury Group Worship Service): We thank you to the Lord God to make everything happen. It’s really a blessing,  we’re just really…our heart is really full.  

Michael Robinson: For Church Of Christ members like the Borinaga family, this newly established group worship service is the result of unwavering faith and dedication of Church Of Christ members throughout the globe especially here in Sudbury.

To watch more inspiring stories like these, visit Michael Robinson, Iglesia Ni Cristo news Network.


Naomi De La Cruz: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on, our YouTube channel and on streaming platforms. I’m Naomi De La Cruz and thank you for joining us. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time. God bless.

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INC Establishes Local Congregation in Sudbury, Canada