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Friends Find Ways to Make a Positive Impact

Kristin Belle, Nikki, and a few friends wanted to find ways to make a positive impact in the community. So they got together and found that donating books to the public library, and gathering food drive items to donate would be a great way to help out. Watch their vlog to see how fun and easy it is to make a difference in your community.


Kristin Belle: Hi everyone! I’m Kristin Belle Tison and today we’re going to be having an INC Giving activity. We’re going to be giving away canned food, clothing, and also free books, as well. So let’s go!

Kristin Belle: First things first, sorting and packing! So I met up with my fellow INC Giving volunteers from San Jose to gather, sort and package books, canned food and various items of clothing.

Kristin Belle: It took a few people to get everything sorted, but we got it done! Time to pack up the vans and head to our first location.

Kristin Belle: Okay, the boxes are in the van. 

Kristin Belle: First stop is the library! And what a great way to help the community by donating your previously loved books to the library. And it’s a great activity to do with your friends! Speaking of friends…

Kristin Belle: Okay we’re here at the library. I found Sister Nikki.

Nikki: Hello, we’re here at our INC Giving activity book drive!

Kristin Belle: Woohoo!

Rogelie: Yes!

Kristin Belle: Donating books to your local library benefits people of all ages.

Kristin Belle: Not only is reading fun and a great activity for the family, but it also promotes learning and develops creativity!

Kristin Belle: If you have some books on your shelves at home that might need a new home, consider donating them to a library near you!

Nikki: Next stop is the Second Harvest of Silicon Valley food bank. Let’s go!

Nikki: We’re here at the Second Harvest food bank and we’re going to donate a

couple of our canned goods.

Nikki: Second Harvest of Silicon Valley helps about 500,000 people every single month serving the counties of Santa Clara and San Mateo.

Nikki: Donating canned foods is such a small gesture, but really so important for our communities.

Nikki: Even with the different organizations helping to fight food insecurity in the area, there are still so many that are struggling to put food on their tables on a regular basis.

Kristin Belle: That’s right friends! So head out into your own communities and see where you can help in your own way!

Nikki: That’s a great idea, Belle!

Nikki: All right guys, that wraps up our INC Giving activity.

Rogelie: We hope you are inspired to…

Everyone: do good to those who need it.


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Friends Find Ways to Make a Positive Impact