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Finding Hope After Losing My Parents


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Franz Pumarada: I’m a camera operator. I also track analytics or search engine optimization for I coil cables, transcribe interviews, change the clocks around the office whenever there’s daylight savings [time] since I’m the only one who can reach them. I do a lot of things. I hear about people’s stories and their experience with God, and I get to help tell those stories through media. It’s a really fulfilling experience to work at INC Media, and I want to thank you, [Brother] Eduardo, for giving me this opportunity to help in this great work.


[Brother] Eduardo, if I may, can I tell you a little bit more about myself and how your presence made a difference in my life? Well, I know we’re always encouraged to be active with Church activities, and I strive to always be involved, especially after my parents passed away. I would most definitely say my duties and my friends at Church not only helped fill the loneliness, they never failed to put a smile on my face. So, I never really felt alone, or like an orphan, thanks to them. I was 15 years old when I lost my parents. I’m 25 right now, so it’s been a tough ten years without them. They were for real, like my heroes. I was most definitely a “mama’s boy,” so losing her was tough. I felt pretty lonely without her. And now, I was kind of on my own to do everything for myself. My uncle and auntie took care of me and my sister as if we were their own children. I stayed in America while the rest of my siblings stayed in the Philippines. Through the years and with lots of prayers, I know I’m not alone. I find family wherever I go. I find guidance and advice through the worship service lessons.


God will give us the strength to overcome any problem. God will be our shield to protect us from any trouble.


Franz: And I know I can depend on you because your advice is always on point and so powerful. And I’ll never forget the time when you helped me get through a tough situation. 


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A couple of months ago, I was stressing about some major life decisions. It involved my future, and I felt really lost. I was advised to write to you to ask for advice on how to move forward with the situation. You got back to me within a week and your response helped me to assess my situation better. Your advice gave me security and it helped me decide which direction to take. This was a blessing. I could feel your care and deep concern for me. Your response was the answer to my prayers. I’m thankful to you, [Brother] Eduardo, for being such a compassionate leader. Seeing how hard you work amidst all these problems life may throw at you for our sake, for the sake of the Church, inspires me to do the same.


Thank you, [Brother] Eduardo, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to respond to me. Thank you, [Brother] Eduardo. And happy 13th Anniversary, for your dynamic leadership in the Church Of Christ.


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Finding Hope After Losing My Parents