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Beautification Projects and Coastal Cleanups

What do neighborhood appreciation projects, a coastal clean up in the Philippines, and the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver have in common? Join Elijah in this INC Giving recap to find out.


Elijah: Whoa! Did you guys see that sneak peek? You can probably already guess that in this week’s recap episode, we’re headed around the world to see a variety of INC Giving projects. And to all our INC Giving volunteers, thank you for sharing all of these with us. Let’s get this recap rolling.

Elijah: Our first stop is in Edmonton. I hear it’s pretty cold in Canada right now, but Edmonton’s Food Bank shared a warm message of thanks to the INC Giving volunteers there. 

[image of Facebook post]

Elijah: Here are the smiling faces of people who gave up time to complete a recent volunteer shift to help fight food insecurity.

Elijah: Now, next stop in British Columbia, Canada, where INC Giving volunteers held community cleanup drives in the following areas: Vedder Rotary Loop, Marine Drive, Hammond Community Park.

Joehl Cabading: We have done our cleanup drive and we gave some free coffee for the people who are passing by. Part of the act of kindness that we are sharing to our community, to our fellow man especially–we were taught that whenever it is possible, do good.

Elijah: Queen’s Park, East 59th Avenue, Vancouver, TE Scott Park and Muddy Bay. Thank you for keeping, “Beautiful British Columbia”…well, beautiful!

Elijah: Now over in San Diego County, California, INC Giving volunteers from Temecula worked together to paint the fence at Nicolas Road Park, one of the many public parks in the area. Each stroke of paint breathed new life into the community. Seeing them pour their love into each stroke painted a smile on my face.

Elijah: At another park in San Diego County, California, INC Giving volunteers from Chula Vista, El Cajon, National City, North San Diego, and Spring Valley were on a mission to beautify their local park through a cleanup drive.

Elijah: Meanwhile, volunteer nurses offered free blood pressure screenings and health reminders to passersby. What a nice gesture to help residents better understand their health and enjoy these moments outdoors.

Elijah: Over in St. Thomas, in Southern Ontario, Canada, The INN shared a message of thanks for INC Giving volunteers. Here’s what they posted: 

“Grateful for the heartwarming gesture from the INC Giving Project. Their generous donation of coffee and donuts has brought warmth and comfort to our guests at The INN. Thank you for spreading kindness and making a difference in our community!”

Elijah: Next up, INC Giving volunteers from Callingwood in Edmonton spent the day distributing food hampers to those in need on a holiday designated as “Family Day” in Canada. It is also so nice to see them spreading family love to fellow residents.

Elijah: Back to British Columbia, INC Giving volunteers from Vancouver West, held a donation drive to Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre by dropping off six boxes full of urgently needed items like towels, socks, sweaters, hoodies, brushes and combs.

Elijah:And volunteers in North Vancouver held an appreciation for the residents of Sunrise Senior Living Reminiscence.

Elijah: Over in Wisconsin, USA, INC Giving volunteers reached out to their seniors. They served them warm soup and bread to the residents of Lake Oaks Senior Apartment Homes. Residents were also treated to some musical entertainment performed by the youngest INC Giving volunteers. Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

Elijah: INC Giving volunteers in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada also shared their beautiful singing voices. This was done at a “Singing For A Cause” activity at Eagle Ridge Manor.

[singing by volunteers]

 “When we call to Him, He is there, Our strength, our hope, He’s everywhere, I know He guides us day and night that’s why we’re INC for life. Yeah, yeah, we’re INC for life!”

Elijah: Sometimes giving is as simple as a “Thank you.” Who are all the people you guys would like to thank?

Elijah: Over in Calgary, Canada, INC Giving volunteers from Forest Heights went to their local fire station to show their gratitude to the brave firefighters who keep our community safe.

Elijah: INC Giving volunteers in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada showed gratitude for their local law enforcement at a Police Appreciation Day.

Police Officer: So we really appreciate this moment with you guys because it is a very positive interaction. And this is why we have the motto, “Strength in community” as our police department motto.

Elijah: On the other side of the Pacific, we see this truck coming through in the Barangay Biñan City, Laguna, Philippines. You cannot miss it with its huge INC Giving banner. So awesome! And it’s traveling alongside INC Giving volunteers who are sweeping the streets and keeping the Barangay clean.

Elijah: Another cleanup drive was done by INC Giving volunteers in Rodriguez, Rizal.

Elijah: One place I’ve always wanted to visit is Cebu! With its beautiful coastlines and beaches! So it’s great to see INC Giving volunteers doing a coastal cleanup in Bogo City, Cebu.

Elijah: Another community cleanup was done in Laguna, Calamba City, Philippines.

Elijah: And another in Lucena, City, Quezon, Philippines.

Elijah: Meanwhile, in Quezon City, INC Giving volunteers also did their part to keep the area clean. Anthony Taberna even gave us a tip. In his post he says, “In order not to hurt your back, attach a longer handle to your broom so you don’t have to bend too much.”

Elijah: That’s some genius level stuff! Thanks for sharing, Anthony! And great work, INC Giving volunteers!

Elijah: Over in Sulib, Laguna, Philippines, INC Giving volunteers made their rounds happily offering free porridge to residents. The generosity did not stop there– INC Giving volunteers distributed free arroz caldo and bottled water to residents in Roxas City, in the province of Capiz.

Elijah: In Quezon City, Philippines, INC Giving volunteers handed out free water, plantains and eggs.

Elijah: Thank you also to the INC Giving volunteers who offered residents free breakfast along with free blood pressure checks and blood sugar testing, in Filtration, Olongopo City, Philippines.

Elijah: Fun fact: Filtration is a road and area in Olongapo City. You learn something new every day!

Elijah: INC Giving volunteers in Cavite, Philippines handed out free porridge to the residents of Golden Horizon.

Elijah: And over at Barangay Conel, General Santos City, free dessert and snacks! Wow! Thank you, INC Giving volunteers of South Cotabato, Philippines.

Elijah: That was another jam-packed INC Giving recap. These INC Giving projects just keep gaining momentum all over the world and we honestly can’t even keep up. 

Elijah: For tools and updates, don’t forget to go to and you’ll also be able

to catch up on any weekly recaps that you may have missed. And always remember whenever you possibly can do good to those who need it.

Elijah: See you guys next week. Bye!



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Beautification Projects and Coastal Cleanups