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Volunteers Show Gratitude and Repair Houses

There are communities in need all around the world. Join Elijah to see how INC Giving volunteers helped their communities–even a group that decided to volunteer to give free services and help repair houses in the community.


Volunteers Show Gratitude and Help Repair Houses in the Community


Elijah: Are you ready for another INC Giving recap? I hope you are because I am! Hi, I’m Elijah.


Elijah: I just wanted to say how amazing it is to see all of the INC Giving projects happening all around the world every single week.


Elijah:In West Las Vegas, Nevada, INC Giving volunteers recognized the firefighters at Clark County Fire Station 22. These emergency responders won’t hesitate to run into a burning building to save lives, so they definitely deserve to be appreciated!


Elijah: Here’s another firefighter appreciation day in Maui, Hawai’i. Firefighter, Dennis Walsh explains the impact of saying thanks and showing appreciation.


Dennis Walsh: With you guys’ visiting here today and coming here and you guys giving us love and support, it definitely is a huge upliftment for everyone here. And just being able to feel that and feeling that appreciation by you guys taking the time coming here and showcasing your support is huge. Words can never do justice for that.


Elijah: Communities from all over Arizona, Nevada and Utah, USA showed some love to their educators in a teacher appreciation day. The youngest INC Giving volunteers put their creativity to work, creating beautiful handmade cards and assembling delightful treat bags for the teachers to thank them for the crucial role that they play in shaping the minds and hearts of our youth.


Elijah: Now, over in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawai’i, law enforcement officers were appreciated. Lieutenant Grant Todd shares, 


Grant Todd: It’s great. It’s nice to have somebody to thank you. It’s a hard sacrifice all the officers do for putting the family aside, putting personal things aside to come to work and be there for the community.


Elijah: Allona from Laguna, Philippines, wanted to uplift the spirits of a cancer patient by giving her some recognition. Allona shares, “Her resilience is truly awe-inspring. Despite her condition and ongoing chemotherapy sessions, she doesn’t want to miss class. She really deserves appreciation; in all sincerity.” That truly is admirable and we’re also sending our well-wishes in your fight against cancer.


Elijah: We continue our appreciation days with another group who doesn’t get as much

recognition as they deserve. 


INC Giving Volunteer: “We chose to show our appreciation to the community waste management workers so they can be given a day wherein they are appreciated for the work they do– because it makes such a big difference. And they are so important to a community.”


Elijah: Community Waste Management volunteers in Barangay of San Nicolas were appreciated by INC Giving volunteers in the Carpio and Tiglao families from Cutud, San Fernando. Up next are some INC Giving projects showing appreciation for our neighbors.


Elijah: To help save the environment and share an act of kindness, INC Giving volunteers from Eastwood handed out reusable water bottles to their neighbors in the community of Edmonton, Canada.


Elijah: In Dasmariñas, Philippines, INC Giving volunteers from Area C treated their community to free grooming and beauty services such as haircuts, manicures,  pedicures, and massages. Hmm, maybe I should have gone. I could use a little trim.


Elijah: Do you smell that? It smells pretty good. Smells like free food! What better way to show you care than by offering free food? These are some acts of kindness shared in different parts of the Philippines.


Elijah: In Guihulngan City, INC Giving volunteers gave out free food and coffee and also some gently used clothing. This time in Barangka, Mandaluyong City, free Jollibee was given to the first aid responders, street sweepers and cleaners in Mandaluyong, Philippines. What a great treat for these workers!


Elijah: At Quezon City Memorial Circle, passersby and joggers were given out free bottled mineral water and pandesal, which is a tasty bread roll.


Elijah: INC Giving volunteers from Lawang Bato, gave out free snacks to the community in Valenzuela, Philippines.


Elijah: Still in Valenzuela City, 315 free meals were provided by INC Giving volunteers from Maysan to the residents of Morning Ville. 315 meals? That’s amazing!


Elijah: In Carigara,Philippines, INC Giving volunteers gave back to the community by holding a free clothing drive and offering snacks as well.


Elijah: I see they gave out taho, which is a tofu with tapioca pearls and a sweet syrup. Mm, delicious.


Elijah: At the Bintawan Norte Daycare Center in Villaverde, Philippines, they benefited from gently used clothing and stuffed toys. It looks like the children were treated to a nice meal as well.


Elijah: This one looks like a great INC Giving Project in Tayasan, Philippines. Community houses were renovated and repaired by INC Giving volunteers. You know, I wish I was more of a handyman, that sounds like a great way to give back to the community.


Elijah: Whew! That was a ton of INC Giving projects to go through, but we’re definitely not complaining. To watch more of our recap episodes and even vlogs from INC Giving volunteers, you can always visit We can’t wait to see what next week’s recap has in store for us.


Elijah: Until then, remember, whenever you possibly can do good to those who need it. Later!


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Volunteers Show Gratitude and Repair Houses