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Enjoying God’s Gifts

Even Though stress and disappointments are part of life, there are several ways to find peace and happiness…The Bible tells us all the things that God created just for us to be happy.

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Building Your Child’s Self Esteem

Listen to how real moms build their child’s self-esteem.

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Membership In The True Church: An Inseparable “Partner” of Faith

Are you trying to live a more faith-centered life? The Bible reveals you need more than […]

God's Message Podcast
A Joyful End

We all know that an end is inevitable, whether it be our life or the world, […]

God's Message Podcast
A Worry-Free Life Amidst a Tumultuous World

Learn how to find peace amidst a troubled world. https://6cc01736a8b7469eea83-f88f9440ad5746426262c51df996b682.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/AWorryFree_v3.mp3

God's Message Podcast
Making The Right Decision

We all want to make the best decision, right? God wants us to make the right decisions too, […]

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Where Your Treasure Is

What are some of things you put priority on? Your work? Leisure time? Travel? What about […]

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The Right To Serve God

Are you among those who try to live a Faith-centered life? Maybe you consider yourself religious […]

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God’s Plan In Creating Man

Find out what our purpose in life is. https://6cc01736a8b7469eea83-f88f9440ad5746426262c51df996b682.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/Gods%20Plan%20in%20Creating%20Man_v3.mp3