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Capes For Kids & Neighborhood Pothole Repair

Learn about “Capes For Kids” and see how a neighborhood pothole repair and filling made a significant impact to the community in this new INC Giving recap with Elijah.


The Impact of “Capes For Kids” and Neighborhood Pothole Repair


Elijah: This week we’ve got an amazing variety of INC Giving projects for you to see! To all our INC Giving volunteers all around the world, thank you for sharing all of these with us. Let’s get this recap started.


Elijah: Our first stop is in South Africa, where INC Giving volunteers organized one of our most well-loved INC Giving projects—Neighborhood Appreciation Day in King William’s Town. No words needed to feel the joy on the faces of these INC Giving volunteers. It’s the same exact joy felt by INC Giving volunteers doing good all around the world.


Elijah: Around 600 kilometers away in Ficksburg, South Africa, INC Giving volunteers got out their rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows in a community cleanup that focused on filling potholes. This is an INC Giving first. It’s so nice to see new ways INC Giving volunteers are going out to help their communities.


Elijah: Now over to Victoria, Australia, where a heavy storm recently left pathways and playgrounds cluttered with fallen branches, leaves and other debris. INC Giving volunteers did not waste any time and met at the park with the cleaning tools and trash bags. Together, they beautified the area around the Brentwood Park Neighborhood House and Community Centre. Their work was featured in an article in the PhilTimes, “Australia’s Filipino Newspaper”!


Elijah: Now, all the way to the other side of the world in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. INC Giving volunteers headed over to a local park in a cleanup drive to help residents enjoy this space.


Elijah: INC Giving volunteers over in Kaoshiung City, Taiwan had the same idea and joined other community members in cleaning up their local park.


Leny Wang: Many sisters came here to help in cleaning. Thank you so much Church Of Christ. Very good!


Elijah: And in Rizal, Philippines, INC Giving volunteers got out their brooms and trash bags and put in work for a cleanup drive in Lagundi. Isn’t it so much nicer walking in streets and parks that are clean?


Elijah: In line with this clean up theme, INC Giving volunteers in Obando, Bulacan generously gifted San Pascual Elementary School with brand new trash cans! This was greatly appreciated as the school posted: “Thank you very much for your generosity and support for our school.”


Elijah: At another school in Bulacan, Philippines, INC Giving volunteers joined forces with school officials to donate cleaning materials to Meycauayan National High School.


Elijah: And to appreciate the teachers who make these schools special and make the learning possible, INC Giving volunteers in Tinambac, Camarines Sur thanked educators at Canayonan Elementary School with INC Giving drink tumblers. They also donated paint, school supplies and cleaning materials to the school. 


Elijah: Kids really do learn better in a clean school, and even better on a full stomach. 

So when INC Giving volunteers in Bulacan shared hot bowls of Arroz Caldo, a rice and chicken porridge, they were very appreciative. This is what they posted: “A heartfelt thanks to the brothers and sisters of Iglesia Ni Cristo–Locale of Luwasan (through INC Giving Project) for the cleaning materials you’ve shared to our school as well as the nutritious “Arroz Caldo” that benefited Grade 2 learners.”


Elijah: INC Giving volunteers in Cavite handed out free school supplies and provided free food to the community, especially to the children who are residents of Barangay Pasong Cawayan, Cavite.


Elijah: Sometimes, unfortunately, tragedy strikes— and that’s when our help is truly needed. In Caloocan City, Philippines, INC Giving volunteers offered free meals to 14 families who were victims of a fire in the barangay.


Elijah: Seeing the warm smiles all around reflects that glimmer of hope. So important during the tough times.


Elijah: In Punta, Metro Manila, INC Giving volunteers held a blood donation drive. When was the last time you rolled up your sleeves to donate blood? Unless you’re wearing short sleeves…


Elijah: In Metrogate, Bulacan, INC Giving volunteers held a neighborhood appreciation day and gave out free pandesal.


Elijah: INC Giving volunteers in Boracay, Philippines offered free pandesal— a sweet bread— and biko— a sweet sticky rice cake. Mmm, both are so yummy. Which one would you guys pick?


Elijah: In General Santos City, INC Giving volunteers gave out free pandesal and Arroz Caldo.


Children: Salamat! (Thank you!)


Elijah: I guess pandesal really goes well with anything—sweet or savory.


Elijah: Speaking of food in Bremerton, Washington, INC Giving volunteers got together to organize a food donation drive.


Elijah: To close this week’s recap, one family in Toronto, Canada, created an INC Giving skateboarding team to participate in the “Capes For Kids” fundraiser for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. 


Elijah: “Capes For Kids” helps with important programs and services for kids and teens with disabilities.


Elijah: After helping out for Holland Bloorview, they’ll continue the work of INC Giving, doing various acts of kindness at local skate parks on their skateboards.


Friends: Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it.


Elijah: How cool is that to see them in their INC Giving T-shirts and matching red capes?


Elijah: Not all heroes wear capes, but many wear INC Giving shirts. 


Elijah: Can’t wait to see what you and your fellow INC Giving volunteers share with us next. For tools and updates, don’t forget to go to and you’ll also be able to  catch up on any weekly recaps that you may have missed. See you guys next week! 



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