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Anticipation Builds in Europe for 50th Anniversary

Follow along as a series of special events unfold in Northern Europe inspiring members leading up to the 50 years celebration of the Church Of Christ in Europe.


Naomi De La Cruz: Welcome back to INC News World. Leading up to the INC’s 50th-anniversary celebration in Europe, a series of events were conducted across Europe led by one of the primary helpers of the Church Administration. Let’s learn how these special events have inspired members to be closer to God. Michelle Pineda has more. 


Michelle Pineda: From one local congregation to eight ecclesiastical districts across several countries. 50 years of God’s blessings and love throughout the continent of Europe, and this year excitement continues to heighten among members as a series of events are already underway– leading up to the Church Of Christ’s 50th anniversary in Europe. As part of these events was one of the primary helpers of the Church Administration, Brother Joel San Pedro, leading in a number of special occasions. 

Brother Joel San Pedro (Minster of the Gospel, INC Overseas Mission Office): Throughout the ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe, there have been many different gatherings, but they all have the same point and purpose. The Lord God has placed inside the Church Of Christ an Executive Minister leading the Administration who truly sincerely loves and cares for all of the members. The Bible itself says that these will be very difficult times to be a Christian, and what all of God’s people need is to hold on to God’s words.

In Europe, we have the upcoming 50th Anniversary– a significant milestone of victories of God’s mighty hand helping His people. We are further gearing up, above all, for the greatest celebration of the entire Church where Brother Eduardo Manalo wants to make sure not even one member ever gets left behind. Because of that celebration of God’s words leading us to God’s eternal Kingdom– our salvation when our Lord Jesus returns.

Michelle: In Northern Europe, one of the many sites where members gathered was in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a special worship service. 

Arto Heiskanen (Head Deacon, Arlov, Sweden Group Worship Service): The spiritual blessing we have listened today have strengthened our faith as a family. Everyone has felt also the love of the Church Administration, which reflects the love of our Almighty God. 

Michelle: And just a few days prior, another worship service was held in Oslo, Norway. 

Brother Vizar Balcita (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe): We believe the significance of our Executive Minister in sending one of their primary helpers here in Northern Europe in preparation for the 50th anniversary here in Europe is indeed a great blessing in preparing all of us to recognize where we started and where the Church has reached. 

Ann Kristin Ramirez (Choir Director, Oslo, Norway): Though he may be far from us here in Northern Europe, we always feel his loving concern for the brethren here in this part of the world. 

Michelle: As the Church continues to grow in places like Europe, members heeded the call of the Church Administration for the need of more officers in caring for the church in this part of the world with many across the district in various sites taking oath for new offices. 

Rodheo Pineda (Technical Support for Video Streaming Officer, Helsinki, Finland): I took oath today as a TSV [Technical Support for Video Streaming] officer so that I could help the Church Administration and to help our local congregation here in Finland. 

Arman Balagao (Deacon, Helsinki, Finland): Because of my love and faith, I was inspired to accept the duty of a head deacon. We can see the importance of adding officers here in our local congregation to be able to take care of the brethren. Even though this is a huge and great duty, I have full trust that the Lord God will guide and strengthen me to fulfill my duty. 

Michelle: Following was a special worship service in Vienna West, Austria. 

Brother Joel Catalan (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Central Europe): The brethren are energized, and we thank God for His constant blessings to us because of His guidance and help to the Church Administration.

Brother James Brainard Bautista (Resident Ministerial Worker, Vienna West, Austria): The brethren in the local congregation of Vienna West are filled with joy for this has given them the inspiration to continue in their active service to our Lord God. 

Michelle: And another worship service in Vienna Center.

Brother Joel San Pedro: Keep strong in your relationship with God. 

Michelle: After another worship service was also held in Budapest, Hungary.

Tamas Kassai (INC member, Budapest, Hungary): He brought us an important message: the words of God.  So that in these hard times, we should never lose our faith. It should be rooted deeply. We should always [have] hope in our heart.  

Michelle: Back to Austria, an evangelical mission was held introducing friends, family, and neighbors to the Church Of Christ. 

Brother Joel San Pedro (Minister of the Gospel, INC Overseas Mission Office): At the center of all of the activities of the Church Of Christ, the Iglesia Ni Cristo is God’s words and the preaching of God’s message for salvation. The message of salvation needs to be shared. That is good and pleasing to God, according to the Bible. That people come to the knowledge of the truth, be ready for salvation. Many ministers and ministerial workers all over the world also do our best to be one with Him, extensions of His administration, and making sure that God’s message is preached to all of God’s people to make sure that the word of God, that we all need, especially in these difficult times. 

Michelle: The upcoming 50th anniversary celebration in Europe is a testament to God’s enduring love, as seen through its leaders– increasing hope for more growth and more milestones, proclaiming yet again the work of God. To stay up to date with the latest events leading up to the 50 Years in Europe celebrations, visit and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Michelle Pineda, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network. 


Naomi De La Cruz: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on, our YouTube channel, and on streaming platforms. I’m Naomi De La Cruz. Thank you for joining us. Stay safe, and we’ll see you next time. God Bless!

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Anticipation Builds in Europe for 50th Anniversary