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Young Speed-cubing Champion Excels in Faith

Through an international competition, a young speedcubing champion excels in talent and faith; choir members find strength amidst troubles during pandemic.


Young Speed-cubing Champion Excels in Faith


BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: This week on INC News World, a young speedcubing champion excels at his talent and faith through a special competition. Families in Washington, D.C., are finding strength through the singing of hymns amidst challenges brought about by the pandemic. Your INC News World starts now.


BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: Welcome to INC News World. I’m Brother Michael Guerrero coming to you from the INC Media Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area. And we hope everyone is continuing to stay safe wherever you are today. The Christian Family Organization plays a vital role in strengthening every family within the Church Of Christ, especially among the youth. It is through the activities of the CFO that bonds within the families are strengthened and talents are nurtured among the youth.

HOST CONTINUES: Because of this, we feature one young man in Florida who would find the means through a CFO event…

…to excel not only in his passion for a great pastime, but also in something greater. Michael Robinson has the story.


(Ready, set, go.)

ENZO DACANAY (RESIDENT – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA): When I was learning on the advanced method, where I memorize a lot of algorithms from the finger tricks that it was a piece of cake, for me (it’s like a three by three).

MICHAEL ROBINSON: Spinning cubes, arranging patterns in corners, use of algorithms. This all found in one of the greatest puzzle solving toys ever played for some – match.


The task is simple, but the solution (I’ve tried it many times when I was younger) has been stumping the majority of the planet’s population for nearly 50 years.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: But for others, it has become a high-level competitive sport known as speedcubing. And for Enzo Dacanay, an eighth grader in Jacksonville, Florida, this puzzle solving toy turned into a passion for learning to speed cube.

ENZO DACANAY (RESIDENT – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA): I got involved with these cubes when I saw my brother and sister playing with them and learning how to solve them.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: And for Gigi, his mother shares a concern like many other parents, ways to expose their children more to the world and less time on the screen.

GIGI DACANAY (RESIDENT – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA): The three of them used to play. I tried to get them off of electronics.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: Children that were reportedly having 9 hours of screen time amongst teenagers, whether video games or social media, leading to numerous negative effects on their physical and mental health. And for Gigi, it will be through the use of a great pastime and shifting gears.

GIGI DACANAY (RESIDENT – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA): And so we use the Rubik’s Cube to fill that time.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: As her children found another focus of enjoyment outside of electronics, she would notice one who turned this toy into a passion.

GIGI DACANAY (RESIDENT – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA): He does it every day. It’s in his hands every day. And we found out that there were competitions and different kinds of cubes. And there is a whole community out there.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: And that community didn’t involve screen time, but a connection with others who shared not only the same interest in the Rubik’s Cube, but also in the true faith.

GIGI DACANAY (RESIDENT – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA): This is his first time ever competing against somebody other than his brother and sister. We have a lot of brethren in the Church that have the same interests around the world. So that was exciting for him.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: A showcase of high-level competition held through the Christian Family Organizations of the Church Of Christ, known as the Competitive Online Activities, nurturing and enhancing the numerous talents of youth throughout the Church Of Christ. Competitive games like speed stacking, scrabble, chess, darts, and, of course, speed cubing. With a competitive level starting from regional to national competitions, Enzo would find himself representing the United States on an international level.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: And while competing, his family throughout the globe were right there with him as these competitive games established by the Church Administration promoting not only for healthy competition, but also in bringing Christian families even closer in love and faith.

GIGI DACANAY (RESIDENT – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA): The Administration did a great job at keeping us all inspired during the pandemic to be able to connect with brethren all throughout the world. I thought that was amazing.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: Amazing for Enzo while taking first place in the United States and second place on an international level.

ENZO DACANAY (RESIDENT – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA): It helped me, at being better, at being faster. It felt like really excited.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: Further strengthening many families like the Dacanays, and their faith through their God given talent and using them towards the first priority in their lives.

GIGI DACANAY (RESIDENT – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA): Having the Church be there for us during this time really strengthened our faith even more. We always make sure to put God first in everything that we do.

ENZO DACANAY (RESIDENT – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA): It feels more proud of being a member.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: And with youth like Enzo, taking their talents and further cultivating them through Christian Family Organization activities, it continues to also mold this current youth generation that even with influences surrounding them, it will be the exercising of their true faith that will occupy their time even more than screen time. If you want to learn more about how Christian Family Organization activities are held in the Church Of Christ, visit us at


BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: In the US, due to the ongoing pandemic, many have suffered through depression.


HOST CONTINUES: Studies show that depression rates tripled and symptoms intensified during the first year of COVID 19.

But in Washington, DC, let’s discover how through a special occasion, some families have learned how to handle sadness and depression. Ayra Rosella Ayhon has the details.


AYRA ROSELLA AYHON: Mervyn, a father of two from Temple Hills, Maryland, has seen how the pandemic has really affected many families under mental health.

MERVYN TINIO (RESIDENT – TEMPLE HILLS, MARYLAND): Because of what’s going on, the pandemic these days and people being stuck in their homes, people being depressed. So with the outside world, when they have nothing, no one to turn to. Some people resort to evil things, drinking to drown their depression. Depression is a really, really bad thing right now.

AYRA ROSELLA AYHON: Like other families, Mervyn’s household also experiences sadness and difficulties because of the current situation in the world. But because of their faith and the duties they have as choir members singing for God together inside the Church Of Christ, they are able to get through whatever challenges they experience.

MERVYN TINIO (RESIDENT – TEMPLE HILLS, MARYLAND): Despite all the things going on, the pandemic and everything in the world, our duties is our anchor, and it’s our bond with our Almighty God. So, it’s important for us to be faithful and strong in our duties.

AYRA ROSELLA AYHON: As a choir member for over 30 years with his wife and son, also choir members, he leads his family, dedicating themselves to their duties to God in the worship service. And today, with his whole family, along with many other families, they gathered to sing hymns of praises to the Almighty God through a special occasion. In the ecclesiastical district of Washington, D.C., a special gathering was held for the choir members as they gathered in the house of worship in Temple Hills. Led by District Supervising Minister Brother Matthew Capistrano, attendees throughout the district were re-inspired and reminded of the importance of their duties as well as how to deal with the problems brought about by the pandemic.

MERVYN TINIO (RESIDENT – TEMPLE HILLS, MARYLAND): Today was a very timely lesson to have a special gathering for all of us choir members. It’s helpful in our faith and especially the children, and allows us to be closer to God.

AYRA ROSELLA AYHON: Children like his son Evan, who also felt the love of God through the special event.

EVEYN TINIO (CHILDREN’S WORSHIP SERVICE CHOIR MEMBER – TEMPLE HILLS, MARYLAND): It’s really great for me that I get to perform my duties, especially singing hymns to God. I think it strengthens the faith mainly because when we are together, it gives more of a bond.

AYRA ROSELLA AYHON: And among the Tinio’s were others like Orlando Gonzalez and his family, who attest that their duties in the choir is what keeps their family stronger in faith, serving together.

ORLANDO GONZALES (CHOIR MEMBER – TEMPLE HILLS, MARYLAND): We have our God guiding us, helping us, teaching us to be more faithful to Him because He is the One who will provide all our needs. Always trust God and hope for God to help us on all our problems.

ROLANDO GONZALES (CHOIR MEMBER – TEMPLE HILLS, MARYLAND): Whenever we’re going through things, sometimes we’re there at home or crying. We have our own personal prayers to God, but then we’re together. We’re not alone in handling those things. And even more, when we’re performing our duties as choir members, you can really feel that God is with our family. The values you are taught, even as a young CWS choir member, those values stuck with me. The way I’ve seen my parents perform their duties; I’ve seen them since I was young. They keep teaching me and my brother the value of preparing for those worship services.

BROTHER PIERRE PEREZ (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL – WASHINGTON D.C.): Gatherings like this are very important for members of the choir. Not to mention even the CWS. With all that’s going on in the world right now. The brethren, the choir members, young and seasoned choir members, we continue to need God’s guidance in our everyday life so that all of us continue to perform their duties no matter what we experience. In this gathering, there was so much inspiration, so much guidance that the brethren gained.

MERVYN TINIO (RESIDENT – TEMPLE HILLS, MARYLAND): My promise to our Almighty God is to always perform our duties with the best of our abilities. My hope is for our kids to be strong in the faith because there’s no other wealth that can be given to our children aside from their faith and their salvation.

AYRA ROSELLA AYHON: It’s through gatherings like these that members of the Church Of Christ continue to find encouragement and strengthen their faith, especially through these difficult times. If you live in Temple Hills or anywhere in the Washington, D.C. area and want to learn more about the Church Of Christ, visit us on and click the Worship With Us tab and type in Washington, D.C. to find the congregation near you and to speak with the Minister of the Gospel.


BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World. In Southern Ontario with no direction or religion, a man finds purpose in his life after discovering the true faith. Married couples in the United Kingdom are strengthened through a special event. Stay tuned.


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Young Speed-cubing Champion Excels in Faith