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Three Reminders When We Feel Overwhelmed

Lady in empty store aisle during cover.

“We went to the grocery store.”

Every time mom says this, my heart sinks.

My stomach gets all queasy, and it keeps me up at night.  (Yes, my stomach is the indicator of my stress level and at night it screams, “I’m overwhelmed!”)

The discomfort feels like nausea, and it doesn’t always go away because I’m constantly worried that mom and dad are making bad choices by leaving the house for non-essential items like ‘Cuties’ or oranges and ‘Hershey Kisses’ during this pandemic… but I guess sugar is important?

My parents are 70 years old and dad has kidney failure, making him highly susceptible to COVID-19.

So, of course, I worry for them because this invisible enemy is ruthless.

The weight of my worries pulls me deeper when I watch the news and see the death tolls are rising, and when I hear that my friends on the east coast are losing their parents, grandparents, and friends. I juggle between mourning for them, worrying about my parents, and mourning for the loss of  “normalcy.” It’s paralyzing and it comes in waves. Some days are okay, others are harder.

Scrolling through social media doesn’t always make me feel better either. Why does everyone seem okay? Am I supposed to TikTok it out? Am I supposed to be crushing goals during this quarantine?

It’s okay. I’m not alone.

While trying to shuffle through good and bad days, I learned I’m not alone and that it’s okay to feel whatever we feel when we feel it.

“In the quiet moments, we cry, hoping this is all a nightmare, but it truly is like we’re at war. I have lost so many close family friends from COVID, to the point that people are asking if I can help stream and record their funerals like I’m a business or something. It’s scary, man. I’m just at peace to know we have the hope (faith) you know.”  – Kris is a newly married man who is still adjusting to working from home in New Jersey.

“My husband’s deployment that was on its final stretch has been extended because the COVID19 has affected the military’s ability to move about safely while protecting its missions. When you’re that close to being reunited and getting your sense of normal back, and then having it pulled away even further is heartbreaking and hard. When I heard the news, I binged on chips and dip at 2 am in the morning because, along with the stress of this deployment, sleep can be hard to come by.” – Roxanne is a mother of 2 and a military wife in Idaho.

“Both my parents were laid off and furloughed, leaving me with the responsibility of taking care of things financially. There are days when I feel things will be okay and other days not so great, a lot of anxiety especially of the unknown, and I catch myself feeling hopeless and falling asleep crying. I am so thankful for the Church Administration, finding a way for us to still worship via Webex conferences.” – Marleigh works in the medical field in California

“I’m scared, too, but don’t be afraid. We are being careful. We have God and we pray.”  – Mom

That last quote is from mom.

And mom is always right.

God comforts us in our troubles

She reminded me of what we are taught in the worship services in the Church Of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo):

1.   Have faith.

Hebrews 11:1

2.   Rely on God

3. Put your hope in God

You may look at these verses and think they are just words. But when you add faith and believe in them, they become powerful and dependable advice. Promises God made to His people.

And at a time where certainty is being drowned out by bad news, stability and consistency have become a hot commodity, and they can be found in the pages of the Bible and through prayer.

God comforts us in our troubles

Nausea weakens when I pray so I’m turning to prayer more than often.

I find comfort in knowing my sister or “Instacart” gets the groceries for my parents now, and knowing my family prays together to ask God for guidance through this pandemic.

The worries leak through every now and then, and it’s the new normal to feel overwhelmed by this global crisis, but no matter how rough the seas are, the words of God will serve as our anchor.

So if you’re looking for something stable to lean on, turn to prayer. And if you’re looking for a guide on how to pray, here’s an infographic to download.

Turn to God. It won’t guarantee immunity to life’s problems—we’ll still cry and feel the pain—but you’ll definitely find strength through the answers in the Bible.

Learn how to turn to God

Everyone has their own version of turning to God. However, a lot of people don’t realize there is only one correct way to approach God.  This episode of the Message explains it so thoroughly.

If you’re uncertain about things, watch the episode, if you agree, share it, if you’re still not sure, let’s talk about it.

We’re in this together.

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Jan Valerio is a staff writer at and considers it her dream job because she helps to create content that proves God exists in our lives. Born and raised in Hawaii, she continues to wear slippers even through the Bay Area winters.