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Thanking Hospital Staff in a Sweet Way

Join Taylor Joy and her fellow INC Giving volunteers and see how they decided to thank hospital staff in their community.


Thanking Hospital Staff in a Sweet and Special Way


Taylor Joy: Hi. Good morning. Right now, I’m about to head over to a local donut shop. Today, we’re going to be buying a lot of donuts, but the donuts aren’t for us.


Taylor Joy: We’re going to buy a couple boxes of donuts. And then we’re going to drive over to a nearby hospital to give to the workers there.


Taylor Joy: We got the donuts. Now we’re headed over to a hospital to give to the workers.


Taylor Joy: Mission accomplished! That was really nice. They were so, so appreciative. The one that we spoke with, Cathy, she thought this was so kind and she was wondering why we’re doing this.


Taylor Joy: And a lot of people have been asking us that throughout the day, actually,

because they see us in our shirts.


Taylor Joy: You know, I feel like this all has just proven how kindness can be so contagious. People see you trying to put some good out in the world and they become curious. They wonder why you’re doing this.


Taylor Joy: Ultimately, it’s a reminder that kindness is not that far. Kindness is something that we can have so much more of in the world. And kindness is something that really makes a difference.


Taylor Joy: Today, we not only supported a local small business, but we gave back to health care workers who put their own health at risk every single day in order to care for others.


Taylor Joy: This just goes to show how no act of kindness is ever too small, and there will always be people in the world who could use some uplifting.


Taylor Joy: Wherever you may be, always remember whenever you possibly can

do good to those who need it.



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Thanking Hospital Staff in a Sweet Way