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Siblings Share Faith-Based Music

Ahmad and Naeemah, siblings driven by their passion for music, unite in the Church Of Christ's Noteworthy competition, using music as a platform to spread the good news of salvation.


Naeemah and Ahmad Waleed


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Waleed Siblings

Winslow, New Jersey


Both: Dear Brother Eduardo V. Manalo,


Naeemah Sahar Waleed: My name is Sister Naeemah Sahar Waleed.


Ahmad Waleed: My name is Brother Ahmad Waleed. I am from the Local Congregation of Winslow.


Naeemah: I am very excited to share with you that I will be celebrating being a proud member of the Church Of Christ for 10 years this November 2023.


Ahmad: I had spent many years searching for a place where I could find true peace, a place to call home. And that’s when I got to know the true Church Of Christ.


Naeemah: I can honestly say this journey toward salvation is not for the faint of heart. None of these experiences would be possible to endure without our Almighty God and the support of the Church Administration. I have been blessed to experience an incredible activity launched by the Church Administration, led by Brother Angelo Manalo, called, “Noteworthy.”


[Video from Noteworthy]


VO: This is it! Welcome to Noteworthy.


Naeemah: Noteworthy was an international songwriting competition that offered brethren around the world the opportunity to submit an original song composition to be heard, judged, and picked for the final round of the competition. I was blessed to be amongst the eight finalists to travel to the Philippines, perform for the finale…


[Video from Noteworthy]


The winner for Best Interpreter, Sister Naeemah Waleed.


…and win the Best Interpreter of a Song Award. But none of this would have been possible if I didn’t trust our Almighty God.


Ahmad: Words cannot describe how thankful I am to our Almighty God for making it happen. During the finals of the “Noteworthy” project, I was able to meet so many new and talented brethren. We were able to cultivate and strengthen our bond through music for the goal of edifying our brothers and sisters in the faith. This competition was the first of its kind, and it pushed us all to level up. 


Naeemah: Because of this, I was presented with the greatest opportunity. Such as being able to visit the Punta Santa Ana Museum, the new EVM Convention Center, worship in the Central Temple, visit the Philippine Arena…


[Video of BTS from Noteworthy]


We are on the stage at the Philippine Arena. Let me show you, 50,000—50,000 seats.


…and the INC Museum for the second time and so much more. Yet, nothing would have prepared me for meeting and performing for you again. It was such a blessing to see you and take pictures with you again in your office. It was absolutely the most humbling and beautiful experience of my life.


Ahmad: Witnessing all the victories and blessings that our Almighty God has given to the entirety of the Church under your dynamic leadership as our beloved Executive Minister, it all the more inspired me to not only actively fulfill my duties in taking care of the brethren, but to do it with love, using music as a platform to spread the good news of salvation.


Naeemah: Thank you so much, [Brother] Eduardo, for launching activities to participate in, like “Noteworthy.” This historical program has truly been an honor and privilege to be a part of, and it allowed for my faith to be strengthened by completely trusting in our Almighty God. Sincerely, your sister in the faith…


Ahmad: Sincerely, your brother in the Lord, Ahmad…


Naeemah: …and Naeemah…


Both: …Waleed.


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Siblings Share Faith-Based Music