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Reasons Why I Don’t Believe in the Trinity

Are you still considered a Christian if you reject the Trinity doctrine? Do you believe that the Trinity is a false doctrine? Well, you’re not alone. Hear from individuals who were misled about the Trinity and what they did about it. Do you have biblical questions you want to be answered?

Let’s set up a time for you to speak with a minister of the gospel and see what answers the Bible has for you.


Reasons Why I Don’t Believe in the Trinity

Krista Taduran (Former Catholic): We were sophomores in high school and I met him in French class. We were just joking around and at one point I did the sign of the cross on that person. And the first thing that they told me was, I don’t believe in that. Of course, me, I was very shocked.

Voiceover: Most people are surprised when they hear that the Church Of Christ doesn’t believe in the doctrine of the Trinity. As a core belief of many Christian professing religions, they ask, How can you be Christian if you don’t believe that Jesus Christ is both man and God? But is that really what the Bible says?

Ivan Sanchez (Former Protestant): Something in me that I had a hard time really accepting and believing in the Trinity. I remember asking my mom, you know, how can our Lord Jesus Christ be the Father and the Son at the same time? And the answer that she gave me is the answer that, you know, many, many Protestants are given is “just believe. It’s a mystery.”

Marda Debnam (Former Baptist): Being a member of the Baptist Church, I never believed in Trinity. And when I attended the worship service, I was always trying to gather what I could. Now, most of the time, the minister in the Baptist churches that I attended did not preach from the Bible that much.

Brian Ramirez: Ever since I was little, that was what I was taught. We were taught God has three persons. He is God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. And what had always confused me was that I didn’t really see that written in the Bible. And the verses that were said in the lesson when I was growing up in the church I grew up in, they didn’t make sense. They weren’t really relating to this concept of the Trinity. It was forcing it through.

Voiceover: Maybe you’ve felt the same way before. Confused about the beliefs you grew up with. Always wondering where a doctrine came from. Tired of accepting the “it’s a mystery” answer. Well, you’ve got two options: You could just let those doubts and questions linger on forever or you can do what Krista did after her friend invited her to a Bible study.

Krista (Joined the INC in 2016): My knowledge of God was there [were] three in one: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As I grew up as a Catholic, that’s what we were taught. Here, the Church Of Christ, what they do is they go through the Bible,  read every single verse that’s related to that question that you just had, and they would answer it.

I was stuck on that, the whole Trinity lesson for the longest time. I wanted to argue about it and fight about it, and I wanted to prove everyone wrong.

But they proved it [with] the Bible. That’s when I figured out that something is very special about this Church.

Voiceover: Attending a Bible study in the Church Of Christ can help untangle the confusing beliefs you’ve grown up with and finally make it possible to serve God and our Lord Jesus Christ the way the Bible says. And isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?


Let’s set up a time for you to speak with a Minister of the Gospel and see what answers the Bible has for you.


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Reasons Why I Don’t Believe in the Trinity