Living Holy in Today’s Society

many people walking on a crosswalk

Let’s face it, the world is filled with temptations to throw off a person’s moral compass–but living in holiness is possible when armed with true faith.

Woke vs. Awake

a person looking through many books on tall shelves

What is the meaning of “woke culture”? Being “woke” isn’t the same as being “awake.” Why does being awake to God’s righteousness benefit you more?

Does a True Church Exist?

image of church pews

Are all churches the same? If you’re searching for the truth, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of choices. What should you look out for?

How to Find a Sense of Purpose

man looking around with his phone

Youth in search of a meaningful life may come up empty if they look in the wrong places. What should they consider when thinking about their future?

Can People be “Woke” Christians?

a woman looking through books at the library

What is “woke culture”? The Bible tells us not to let society define us. How can Christians handle injustices using God’s righteousness and not man’s? What does the Bible say about wokeness?

How Do We Experience God’s Love?

clasped hands over a Bible

Does God love me? Actually, success, happiness, and lack of problems cannot measure God’s love. In that case, how can we know that God loves us?

Finding Hope in God’s Words

a person crouching down with his head down in his arms

What do you do when you have no hope? The Bible can help us to focus on moving forward, no matter the struggles life may throw at us and hope seems lost.

The Bible on Dealing With Anger

a person clenching their fists in anger

Anger can drive someone to commit sin. While feeling anger can’t be avoided, what should Christians keep in mind so that anger doesn’t get the best of us?