How to Decide on a Religion?

A hooded young man walks down a grand staircase away from a large stone cathedral; Text reads "Can you change your religion?"

Is there a true religion? And if you find the right church can you even change your religion, or is that a sin? How do you decide on a religion?

Was Thomas Wrong in John 20:28?

Bible opened to John 20:28; text reads "My Lord and My God" - Apostle Thomas

When Apostle Thomas said to Jesus “My Lord and my God!” in John 20:28, was he proclaiming Jesus to be God? Was he wrong, or was he right?

Am I on the Right Path?

On this journey of life, some may ask “What is my life’s purpose?,” especially when facing life-changing decisions. What is the ultimate goal in life?

Is the Bible Fact or Fiction?

A black bible with gold gilded letters on front cover "Holy Bible"; text reads "Is the Bible Fact or Fiction?"

How do I know the Bible is the truth? Or is the Bible a work of fiction? Why are so many people interested in the Bible? You asked, the Bible answers.

Are Exorcisms and Evil Spirits Real?

A woman floating listless above a disheveled bed; text reads “Are evil spirits real?”

Are there bad spirits and who can perform an exorcism to get rid of them? What is an exorcism and is it a miracle from God? You asked, the Bible answers.

Is Your Devotion to God Misguided?

Host standing on stage touching a display stack of Bibles; text reads "Are you worshiping something created? Live Taping"

What does the Bible say about worshiping created images? Is it pagan worship or worshiping more than one God? Are we worshiping idols or God?