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Raising CODA

In this bonus episode, Hershey, a mother with hearing loss, talks about what it’s like to raise two children as a deaf mom. And how God has put people in her life like the David family to help her get through the biggest challenges she’s ever faced.

Thank You For Believing In Me

Physical therapist helping a patient lift weights.

Our Thank You series continues as we hear from a patient who expresses her deep gratitude to her physical therapist who help others live their lives through her treatment and friendship.

Parenting Kids with Special Needs

Making Changes introduces Faith And Family: Parenting Children with Special Needs. In this episode of Faith and Family, two moms, each with a son with Down’s syndrome, have a conversation about what life is like with a special needs child, and how to overcome special needs parent burnout. But also the life lessons thats changed their perspective in this beautiful journey. Let’s listen in.

Dads with Autistic Kids

Two boxes with faces of moms and dads with their child

Jay and Mike are two dads who have children on the autism spectrum. They sit down for an honest conversation on how changing their mindset about autism has helped them find hope and gratitude.

Expressions of Gratitude

Red curtains on a stage with silhouettes of people

It’s our host, Aliw’s turn to say thank you to someone who introduced her to musicals which her whole family has grown to love and enjoy, plus, we’ll hear other thank you messages from people who have been recipients of human kindness

Thanking My College Counselor

Hand holding a pen and writing in a notebook

Our ‘Thank You Series’ continues, and in this episode, Jan says thank you to her college counselor who believed in her and changed the course of her life nearly 20 years ago.

New Making Changes Episodes Coming Soon!

headphones with text season 2

We’re back for season 2 starting on May 26th! We can’t wait for you to listen in on a whole new set of conversations about change, gratitude, and the lessons that come when your life takes a full 180.

On Facing Childhood Cancer

Teddy bear with gold ribbon being held by child

Meet Myla and Sophia, two young ladies who were once strangers but were brought together by faith. 17-year-old Myla from the San Francisco Bay Area was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia at the age of 10 and has survived having a bone marrow transplant, heart failure and recently, a kidney transplant. When 12-year-old Sophia from New York was diagnosed in 2018 with a brain tumor, her mom had heard about Myla, and reached out to Myla’s mom for support after seeing her story on Today, with God’s help, both girls are cancer free and are living their best lives. We’ll hear their stories of survival and the changes they made in their perspectives while battling cancer and they share some insight on how they stayed positive during such a difficult period in their childhood.

On Being A Nurse During A Pandemic

Banner for Making Changes podcast showing nurse wearing blue putting on gloves

Meet Warren and RJ, both ICU nurses from the opposite sides of the country. Warren, who’s been a New York nurse for 20 years, talks with RJ from Los Angeles who became a nurse shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Both men talk candidly about how being on the frontlines has changed them as nurses and as people, along with the frightening reality when the patient is a family member. They also share the one thing they both do regularly to help them cope with the tragedies they witness on a regular basis.