Trust In God At All Times

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In a world full of uncertainty, many turn to superstitious beliefs for good fortune. Others turn to astrology and horoscopes for guidance on how to live their lives. However, can man truly trust these things to bring about the good life he hopes for? According to the Bible, what must man place his trust in? In this podcast version of God’s Message Magazine, find out what we can gain by placing our trust in God.

Why Did God Create Us?

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We are here for a reason and God created us for a specific purpose. Get clarification on what God’s plan is in creating man through the words of the Bible

The Life Everyone Ought To Choose

text graphic: "The Life everyone ought to choose"

What kind of life do you want to live? Have you explored new adventures to figure it out? While there’s nothing wrong with exploring foreign countries or going outside of your comfort zone, It shouldn’t be the purpose we live for…We should live to serve God, But how? Keep listening.

Let God Direct Our Life

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When decisions need to be made or when things get tough, let God direct your life. Listen to the reasons you need God how He can give you hope in life.

Facing Life’s Woes

Facing Life's Woes - God's Message Podcast

Why is life so challenging? Why are there heartbreak, depression, and disappointments? Please know, you’re not alone during these dark moments in life…God wants to help you…but do ask for his help?

Whose Life Shall God Brighten?

whose life shall god brighten

If you’re battling sadness, know that it won’t be forever…you’ll get through this with God’s help…stay tuned to find out how God can help you.

Do You Know the True God?

Knowing the True God

Is there one God, or is He fundamentally different to people of different faiths? Do you really know who the true God is?

Pining for a Joyous Life

Pinging for a Joyous Life

Have you ever asked yourself if happiness attainable? Don’t worry…it is, and the The Bible teaches us how to obtain it!