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Ordination of New Ministers in Central Temple

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo ordains 22 ministerial workers as ministers inside the Church Of Christ and 1,195 graduates take oath as Ministerial Workers.


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On September 20, 2020, a worship service to God was held at the Central Temple in the Philippines.

This worship service to God was led by the Church’s Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

Brother Aladin Umali (Ministerial Worker): The Church Administration always finds ways for us to safely and peacefully gather to worship God. The pandemic could not hinder us from obeying the will of God.

Brother Giancarlo Jorge (Ministerial Student): It was a great blessing for me to once again attend the worship service led by our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo. It was also an inspiration for me to do even better in my studies inside the holy ministry.

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During this occasion, 1,195 graduates of the degree Bachelor of Pastoral Studies and Evangelism from the Iglesia Ni Cristo School for Ministers, took oath as Ministerial Workers.

Brother Rommel Cantor (Ministerial Worker): Despite the current situation of the world, our Almighty God allowed us to finish our studies.

Brother Aladin: I will continue in performing my duty. I will never draw back. I will never leave the duty that I swore into.

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Also, on this sacred occasion, 22 ministerial workers were ordained as ministers in the Church.

Brother Rizabelo Oro (Newly-ordained Minister): Whatever trials that I may experience, I will follow what our Executive Minister preached today—to always put trust in God. God will help us.

Brother Paul Mwango (Ministerial Student): I learned that, in terms of trials, we have to be strong. We should never draw back. We should always continue to fulfill our duties and to obey God’s will.

Brother Louis Guachon (Ministerial Worker): One of the things that caught my attention was that, no matter what happens in our lives, we should always keep in mind that we are not alone here. We have our Lord God. He will make a way in order to help us.

Brother Obinna Ukoma (Ministerial Worker): My message to Brother Eduardo V. Manalo is: I will apply everything that he taught today, in this worship service, to my duty. I will never let go of my divine election

Brother Rizabelo: To our Executive Minister, thank you so much for your love and care for the whole Church, in leading us to the perfection of our services to our Lord God.

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Ordination of New Ministers in Central Temple