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Inspiration Behind “Salamat Po Ka Eduardo”

Songwriter and rapper, Ferdinand Buendia, Jr., shares why he wrote “Salamat Po, Ka Eduardo” and how it felt to sing it in front of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.


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Salamat Po, Ka Eduardo

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Ferdinand Buendia, Jr.

Salamat po, Ka Eduardo – Writer

Ferdinand Buendia, Jr. : The truth is, when I was writing the song, I remember when he said, “I would die before I would let anyone harm you.”

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Ferdinand Buendia, Jr. : What was going through my mind back then, I wanted to write a song for our Executive Minister. Even before I started writing the song, I attended a worship service in the Local [Congregation] of Sacramento, which our Brother Eduardo officiated. And what he said made an impact on me, when he said,

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Sacramento, Makati

August 1, 2015

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: We love you, brethren. What the Bible said is true: Even our lives, we’ll sacrifice for the sake of the Church. We will do it.

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Ferdinand Buendia, Jr. : The message of the song, “Salamat Po, Ka Eduardo,” is filled with thanks to the one who administers over us, the one who never tires in his love and concern for us. In the worship services that Brother Eduardo has officiated the verses that have always remained in my mind and helped me in my faith is the one that when life is hard, we should continue to rely on God. When we experience trials, the solution shouldn’t be that we leave the worship service, we should all the more worship, all the more look for the protection of our Almighty God.

I’m very happy, very thankful to our Lord God because, who am I to be used as an instrument to inspire our fellow brethren? For this song that I wrote, I hope they get to sing it too, because since I wrote the song, “Salamat Po, Ka Eduardo,” I know that it’s not just me who feels this way, who loves and cares for our Executive Minister. What I really wanted was to bring to our fellow brethren, as an individual member of the Church Of Christ the love that I have for our Executive Minister because of how they care for us, I wanted to express my gratitude through this song.

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Alison Pablo – Fremont, California

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Jonacel Eslao – Newcastle, United Kingdom

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Ferdinand Buendia, Jr.: Then I was just surprised because I didn’t expect to be viral and then it wound [up] being liked by brethren and it would help them become more active in their faith and love for our Executive Minister.

Those tears that we experience when we sing the song, it’s because whenever we sing the lyrics, we always think like we’re speaking to Brother Eduardo personally. After we finished singing, I was overwhelmed. He approached me and asked, “Are you the one from Cavite?” I said, “Yes, that’s me.” And then he told me, “Thank you very much, it was very touching.” 


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Inspiration Behind “Salamat Po Ka Eduardo”