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INC Dedicates House of Worship in Zambia, Africa

As a result of the growth of the true faith in Zambia, the INC dedicates the first house of worship built from the ground in a special worship service; from the districts of Ottawa, Hawaii-Pacific, Spain, the UK, and Central Europe, the latest events in the INC.


INC Dedicates House of Worship in Zambia

Naomi De La Cruz: This week on INC News World, 


Host Continued: As the Church Of Christ continues to grow in Southeastern Africa, a new house of worship is dedicated in Zambia. From Canada to Europe, witness the latest events in the Church Of Christ. Your INC News World starts now. 


Naomi De La Cruz: Welcome to INC News World, I’m Naomi De La Cruz coming to you from the INC Media studios in Anaheim, California. As the Church Of Christ continues to grow, let’s go to Zambia, a country located in the southern region of the African continent, and see how the first house of worship was able to be built in this country. Stacy Larkin has more on this story.


Goodson Frank Poya (Resident, Lusaka, Zambia): I would say, I’m short of words, to be honest, because never in my life, did I expect that I would reach this far.

Stacy Larkin: Today, Goodson, along with the members of the Local Congregation of Great North are blessed with the dedication of this house of worship. The first to be constructed by the Church Of Christ in not only the country of Zambia but also the first to be built in the Ecclesiastical District of Southeastern Africa. Along with Goodson being one of the head deacons, is his wife and all of their children, holding various offices helping in the Local Congregation of Great North.

Goodson Frank Poya (INC Member, Great North, Lusaka, Zambia): To experience this wonderful blessing that God has given to us, the people of Zambia, to have the first chapel built, we thank the Church Administration.

Stacy Larkin: Construction of this house of worship first began in February 2022 and was completed s in December 2022.

Brother Andrey Silva (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District Of Southeastern Africa): The chapel is something that’s very important to the brethren because this is the place where they are able to pray to our Lord. They are able to communicate with Him. They’re able to receive His instructions; His words that guide them in their life.

Stacy Larkin: The Ecclesiastical District of Southeastern Africa was established in 2020 to better care for the members of the Church in this part of the world. With the rapid growth of the Church, it now has over 13 local congregations spanning across 5 countries. Members of Great North are thankful for this new house of worship and for its dedication to the Lord God, in a worship service led via video streaming by the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ.

Brother John Mae Manzo (Minister Of The Gospel, Local Congregation Of Great North): The house of worship is very important in the lives of the brethren. Because here, we have faith—as taught by the Church Administration from the Bible—here God sees and listens to us; here is where we can feel and experience His love for us.

Stacy Larkin: With the new house of worship here in Great North, more within the country of Zambia are witnessing God’s guidance to the Church in this part of the world.

Brother Andrey Silva (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District Of Southeastern Africa): With this chapel here in Great North Lusaka being the very first chapel in the country of Zambia and even the first chapel in the District of Southeastern Africa, this chapel holds a very special place in all of our hearts. 

Stacy Larkin: An added blessing for Goodson is the responsibility of being the chapel caretaker for this new house of worship.

Goodson Frank Poya (INC Member, Great North, Lusaka, Zambia): Every one of us, we pledge and we commit, that indeed, we shall always take good care of this chapel. We are so thankful. And everyone else in this Local [Congregation] of Great North or in Zambia, we thank the Church Administration, for this wonderful building that they’ve given unto us. 

Stacy Larkin: Members in Great North are thankful for the blessing of this newly dedicated house of Worship. To learn more about Church Of Christ houses of worship and how they are constructed, visit Stacy Larkin, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.


Naomi De La Cruz: From North America to Europe, let’s take a look at the latest activities in the Church Of Christ.


Naomi De La Cruz: Our first stop takes us to the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa where a ‘Welcome My Brethren’ event was held throughout the district. In the Atlantic region, Rideau Region, and Metro Montreal the event welcomes the newly baptized members and those who are on their journey of joining the true faith. And attendees like Franklin experienced the warmth of members of the Church Of Christ through this activity. 

Franklin St-Louis (Doctrinal Instructee): I’ve been in Quebec for 45 years. I’ve been here for so long. When I come here, it’s like I’m home. I feel comfortable.  Everybody’s warm and they’re nice they like to see me. 

Naomi De La Cruz: This was also an opportunity that allowed Church Of Christ members to share their faith and interact with those on their journey to learning about the true faith. Attendees were also able to witness various musical performances with messages that encouraged one another in the faith. Our next stop takes us to the Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii Pacific. In celebration of a milestone anniversary the Buklod Members, part of the Christian Family Organization for married couples, had the opportunity to take part in a special gathering held at the house of worship of Ewa Beach, led by District Supervising Minister, Brother Noel Caritativo. 

Brother Noel Caritativo (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii Pacific): We have this special gathering to remind all the Bulklod members through the words of God, written in the Holy Scriptures, to strengthen even more their family and receive all the blessings of our Almighty God.

Naomi De La Cruz: And a week after, a Buklod night event was held at Ala Moana Hotel, for them to spend quality time together.

Soliel Blas (INC Member, Honolulu, Hawaii): We’re very happy that we’re a part of this celebration, the 60th celebration of the Buklod Organization. It just goes to show that we are blessed by God. We have this organization through the Church Administration that is guiding us married couples on how to properly raise our children and our family—in the Christian way of life. 

Erol Blas (INC Member, Honolulu, Hawaii): The Buklod Organization is very helpful especially when we have activities like this. It’s helpful for bonding the relationship between husband and wife. 

Naomi De La Cruz: It was an evening for these couples from around the district to dress up, and enjoy each other’s company while spending time with other married couples who uphold the Christian values of lifelong marriages given by God. From Hawaii Pacific, we now fly over to Europe, to the Ecclesiastical District of Spain where another Buklod night was held. Buklod members were able to bond and enjoy several musical performances like the different renditions of INC Original Music and cultural dance performances. Filled with fun and excitement, different games were also prepared for them to enjoy throughout the event. From Spain, we now head over to the Ecclesiastical District of the United Kingdom where Kadiwa members, non-married Church Of Christ members ages 18 and above, from all over the district gathered for a Kadiwa formal event.

JP Dosdos (Local Congregation of Central London, Ecclesiastical District of United Kingdom): Some of the brethren haven’t seen each other in such a long time, given the global pandemic. And having activities like this really brought us together as a district because we had brethren coming from Dublin, Ireland, or Northamptonshire, even down south in Bournemouth, and even places in East Anglia as well. We felt everyone’s excitement as they’re playing the games. It really allows the brethren to bond with each other, to really get to know each other more as a Kadiwa Organization.

Naomi De La Cruz: Kadiwa members in attendance were able to enjoy interactive booths. All done in an effort to create an atmosphere that would inspire members to grow in their faith. We now head over to the Ecclesiastical District of Central Europe where the members from St. Gallen, Luzern, Bern, and around the district gathered to witness the inaugural worship service of the newly established Local Congregation of Zurich South. Led by the District Supervising Minister, Brother Ricardo Adalla. Members were grateful for taking part in the growth of the Church in this part of the world. Members from around the world continue to unite in all the activities of the Church Of Christ and even more in their efforts to continue to share the true faith with their fellowmen. If you want to learn more about the Church Of Christ visit


Naomi De La Cruz: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World: in Fontana, California, another house of worship is dedicated to God through a special worship service. In the Northern Midwest, the Local Congregation of Chicago commemorates a milestone anniversary through a special celebration. Stay tuned. 


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INC Dedicates House of Worship in Zambia, Africa