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INC Activities Around the World Pt. 3

From Europe to North America, we take a look at some of the latest inspiring events happening in the Church Of Christ around the world featuring: Inaugural Worship Services in British Columbia and Mountain States, Anniversary Celebration in Northwest California, 'Care For Humanity' in Australia East, Children's Worship Service Sports Event in Western Europe.




Michael Robinson: Our first stop takes us to the ecclesiastical district of British Columbia. Widely known as the “Salmon Capital of the World,” is Campbell River, a city nestled among the breathtaking landscapes and Canadian wildlife, situated between Victoria and Port Hardy on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island.


Michael Robinson: And after recently moving here from Toronto, Diane, along with other residents in Campbell River, gathered from across the Vancouver region to witness an inauguration in the Church Of Christ.


Diane Ganancial (Head Secretary, Campbell River GWS, British Columbia):  I feel emotional because a lot of us travel so far to attend worship service every week. Our performances, we always want to attend.


Michael Robinson: Prior to this day, members like Diane, had to travel many hours every week ensuring they would be able to reach the worship service.


Diane Ganancial (Head Secretary, Campbell River GWS, British Columbia): We sacrifice our time and efforts. It’s really far, actually. If we go to Victoria it is around 4 hours drive, sometimes right after worship services, we drive to perform, and then go to further choir practices.


Michael Robinson: And for members like Joji and Jeanny, time wasn’t the only factor they would have to face, but moreso, braving inclement weather conditions.


Joji Destura (Deacon, Campbell River GWS, British Columbia): [The establishment of this Group Worship Service] is a great relief for the brethren here, most especially during the winter season. We are truly grateful for this tremendous blessing bestowed upon us.


Jeanny Destura (Deaconess, Campbell River GWS, British Columbia): We are grateful that the Almighty Father has been very kind to us because He has granted what we have been praying for, which is to have a Group Worship Service in this part of the world.


Michael Robinson: After years of braving long travels and harsh winters conditions, members were unhindered and dedicated in their services to the Lord God.


Michael Robinson: Led by Supervising Minister, Brother Moriel Cadacio, the event was followed with an oath-taking marking a milestone for Church Of Christ members in the Vancouver area as members were united in accepting new duties as Church officers.


Brother Moriel Cadacio (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of British Columbia): The District of British Columbia is truly blessed with the establishment of this group worship service because the brethren right now will be near to the place of worship. They don’t need to travel that long to be able to worship our Almighty God. It is our faith that whenever the brethren, members of the Church Of Christ, attend the worship service, we can feel the loving embrace of our Lord God. And we are all being strengthened. And so we are thankful to our Lord God for this blessing that was given into our district.


Joji Destura (Deacon, Campbell River GWS, British Columbia): We will strive even more to fulfill our duty in order to take care of the brethren living here in Campbell River.


Michael Robinson: And with the inauguration of the Campbell River Group Worship Service in British Columbia, members are hopeful to see the continuous growth of the their congregation.


Alfredo Ganancial Jr. (Choir Member, Campbell River GWS, British Columbia): Our hope is that, you know, more brethren will come now because, it’s expanded all the way up north like almost north of the island. So even more brethren come, they, you know, they have more opportunities, [that] our local will grow.


Michael Robinson: Inaugurations continue to take place as we take our next visit to the ecclesiastical district of Mountain States


Michael Robinson: Santa Fe, the capital city of New Mexico, is renowned for its rich history, vibrant arts scene, and distinctive Southwestern charm. And it is here where another inauguration was held for the newly established group worship service of Santa Fe.


Mia Elise Caladiao (Choir Member, Santa Fe GWS, Mountain States): We feel so very grateful and blessed. And this group worship service in Santa Fe is a clear manifestation of God’s love and mercy to His children here in Santa Fe.


Michael Robinson: The occasion marked a milestone event in the district as the newly established group worship service of Santa Fe would bring worship service gatherings closer to members like Mia and Jan Jolo.


Jan Jolo Caladiao (Choir Member, Santa Fe GWS, Mountain States): Prior to Santa Fe, we used to go to the local of Albuquerque and Edgewood. It’s almost it’s more than an hour drive going there. The struggles that we had there, mainly because both of us were nurses is the schedule.


Michael Robinson: Enduring the long travel commutes and wintery conditions were among the struggles they faced early on.


Jan Jolo Caladiao (Choir Member, Santa Fe GWS, Mountain States): Severe weather conditions such as in winter, it can get pretty difficult to drive. It can get dangerous to drive from here to there.

Michael Robinson: Despite the tough weather conditions, members pulled through and today are heartfelt and grateful after being blessed with their own group worship service.


Brother Abel Docena (Resident Minister, Santa Fe Group Worship Service, New Mexico): It’s a wonderful feeling to finally have a group worship service here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, because our brethren will be able to appreciate that God has gifted them this worship service in their area.


Brother Lowell Nucum (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Mountain States): Having a group worship service in Santa Fe, New Mexico, not only helps the brethren be able to regularly worship our Lord God, but also helps when it comes to the intensifying work of propagation, because it means that there’s a worship service that our members inside the Church can invite family and friends to workmates and classmates to, so that even more people can be introduced to the Church Of Christ. We are so thankful to the Church Administration for their great love, concern and compassion. This is shown in approving the Santa Fe group worship service. All praises be to our Lord God.


Michael Robinson: Milestones like this continue to bring members together as we take our next visit to the ecclesiastical district of Northwest California


Michael Robinson: Members of the local congregation of Hercules joyfully commemorated the fifth anniversary of the establishment of their local congregation. The celebration took place through a formal luncheon held at Crockett Community Center, where Church officers prepared a program dedicated to honoring their anniversary.


Julie Gonzalez (Kadiwa President, Local Congregation of Hercules, Northwest California): Excitement. Everyone is very happy, everyone very thankful for the five years that God has given our congregation.


Lovely Teodoro (Deaconess, Local Congregation of Hercules, Northwest California): The locale of Hercules actually started in 2018, in June. We came from the local of San Pablo, that’s our mother locale. With all these five years, we believe and we have this faith that, you know, God has been with us, with the local of Hercules. We had so many victories as far as the Church activities.


Ray Langit (Deacon, Local Congregation of Hercules, Northwest California): We are very blessed because we feel God’s guidance from the very first year that we started. And up until this point. Up until this moment, we are still receiving God’s blessings.


Jennifer Anonuevo (Choir Leader, Hercules, Northwest California): Not only do I get to sing each and every day, I’m able to use the talent that God has given me to lead the fellow choir members in our local congregation be able to sing him so praises. So the privilege of being able to do all of that is just so humbling.

And I hope and pray that God continues to entrust this duty unto me po.


Michael Robinson: The musical performances were chosen not only to praise and honor God but also to introduce fellow guests, like Saida, to the Church Of Christ and its teachings.


Saida Boteo (Guest, Hercules, Northwest California): It’s a really big blessing to me. It’s a very blessed community. I feel so lucky and blessed to be part of.


Michael Robinson: Further inspired, the activity included socializing and bonding of the members over games.


Darlene Langit (Deaconess, Local Congregation of Hercules, Northwest California): It’s really special for us because we’ve been so excited. We started planning six months ago and we’ve had weekly meetings, devotional prayers, and we were very excited to show our brethren and our guests, what the local of Hercules is about.


Lovely Teodoro (Deaconess, Local Congregation of Hercules, Northwest California): We are so overwhelmed because we held a worship service that was led by our beloved Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo. That was so it was so spiritual and we can’t believe that we’re part of it.


Ted Teodoro (Head Deacon, Local Congregation of Hercules, Northwest California): One of the many things I’m always thankful for is the brethren, the officers, how united we are in everything that we do, that we may be small in number, but we work together as one. And as an officer, you can see everyone sacrificing, doing the work for the glory of God. What I’m hoping to see some day for us to be able to have our own house of worship. That is something that all of us are praying for, hoping for that someday the locale of Hercules will have its own house of worship.


Brother Jay Graycochea (Resident Minister, Hercules, California): We are very thankful to our Almighty God. For the span of five years, He manifested his love and mercy to our local congregation in all aspects of our works, especially in edifying the members of the Church Of Christ here in this part of the world. We would like to thank the Church Administration under the leadership of our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, along with Brother Angelo Eraño Manalo, for approving and giving us this chance to celebrate our fifth year anniversary in our local congregation.


Michael Robinson: Members continue to show their support for one another and even to their fellowmen as we jump across the Pacific to the ecclesiastical district of Australia East


Michael Robinson: where a series of Care For Humanity events was held in Vanuatu. Care For Humanity, an outreach program of the Church Of Christ, aimed to provide to residents living in impoverished communities. Care packages filled with canned goods and daily essentials were distributed to residents in attendance. The activity of Care For Humanity expanded across Vanuatu including: Port Vila, Espiritu Santo, and Tanna Island. The activity also opened up an opportunity for members to share their faith with their fellowmen in a preaching of the gospel, led by Supervising Minister, Brother Seth Gutierrez.


Michael Robinson: From Australia East, we head east to the ecclesiastical district of Western Europe… where youth members had the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports activities promoting brotherly competition.


Aiselgi Morano (CWS Member, Western Europe): We played football and we ran. I liked it so much. I’m so happy.


Crizeliza Morano (CWS Member, Western Europe): We have a lot of fun and we are healthy.


Michael Robinson: The fun filled day even served as a reminder to the participants of the importance in maintaining physical health and staying active both physically and spiritually.


Ronald Mendoza (District CWS President, Western Europe): So the purpose of this activity for the Children’s Worship Service is to play sports, to be healthy, to be together by doing physical exercise because we know that our health is very important.


Michael Robinson: The activity strengthened the bond and camaraderie of the youth members and most importantly their faith.


Ronald Mendoza (District CWS President, Western Europe): From an early age it allows us to strengthen physically within the Church Of Christ during these activities, we can also strengthen our faith. So together, we can have fun, while taking care of our health so that we can serve our Lord God as we should.


Michael Robinson: From inaugurations to special gatherings, activities in the Church Of Christ continue to bring members together, being reminded of the importance in sharing their faith with their fellowmen in hopes that more people will come to know about the true faith. If you want to learn more about the Church Of Christ, visit, and subscribe to our YouTube channel at INCMedia.Official.



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INC Activities Around the World Pt. 3