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Helping At Risk Youth Through Boxing

See how mentoring at-risk youth in Las Vegas, Nevada, through boxing, has motivated and taken this group of young people down a path they never expected.




Lois Paula: When we look back on life, remembering the challenges and successes we’ve had, was it an easy journey? 

Many will say they had to fight to get to where they are today. For some it may be metaphorical and for others literal. Whatever the struggle, a life-changing decision has to be made.

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Reed Cowan (news anchor): That’s just the latest in a series of violent crimes committed by juveniles since the beginning of the month.

[Video from FOX5 KVVU-TV]

VO: One of the problems is trying to keep up with the quickly-evolving gang culture in the valley.

Interviewee #1: We need everybody working together to solve this problem right now.

VO: But these youth are taking the brawls off the street and are learning to fight a different way.

Trainee #1 (VO): One day, you will lose but you have to keep on pushing through the next round. You fight for everything that you can.

Jumir Clores (boxing trainee – Good Boy K.L.U.B.): In boxing, in the ring, you’re fighting your opponent. For me, it relates to life because when you’re having a tough situation in life, you always have to find different ways to take it down.

VO: Welcome to the Good Boy K.L.U.B. It’s a place where these boys sharpen their bodies and minds.

Amos Oyson (boxing trainee – Good Boy K.L.U.B.): It just keeps all of us in here away from all the bad stuff and it gives us a sense of peace.

Jumir: A lot of kids, they want to wander off in the streets, [do] bad things, all that and for Coach to do that, it’s cool because he brings a lot of people together.

VO: Meet Ludan Taquiqui, a coach and mentor from Las Vegas. This gym that he owns has an ex offer that other gyms couldn’t match—it’s boxing training is free.

Ludan Taquiqui (boxing coach – Good Boy K.L.U.B.): It was an opportunity for me to give back to the kids.

Jumir: I’m very grateful for the type of opportunity to come train for free with Coach Ludan. Him doing that, it’s actually really generous of him doing that.

VO: Aware of the reality in the streets and the struggles that the young people face in the area, he came out with a mission.

Ludan: Over here, it is literally marketed. Alcohol is freely given legally, marijuana legalized, you know? Women, drugs, alcohol—all that is in your face here. God blesses us with certain skills and abilities, I’m thinking, “You know what? Before I die, I’ll find a way.” The reason why I do it, I mean, look at them. They’re innocent. If we got a little bit extra, use that extra to help out. You know what I mean? So this is my way of helping people out. So in order to truly help these kids, you just have to use your actual talents and just give it to them and they have a future. We can inspire people.

VO: An act of giving that truly is priceless and has found its way into the hearts and minds of these young boxers.

Justin Caoile (boxing trainee – Good Boy K.L.U.B.): My coach is more than just a coach. He’s family to me and he just changed my ways. He’s made me more humble as a person and overall, just a better person in life. He’s become a better person than me, so that I could one day become a better person to everyone.

John Geriz (boxing trainee – Good Boy K.L.U.B.): To me, it’s just really fun and it doesn’t just teach me how to physically fight—it’s really improved me to be a better person.

Amos: Some people that go to different gyms and stuff, training, and they’ve been going for a long time but when I see our improvement, I feel like it’s more advanced because he includes God with all of our training and stuff. We can’t do anything without God.

VO: Ludan always incorporates training to be spiritually strong, knowing that it will also take these youth far in life and far off the streets.

Ludan: In this life, we’re supposed to spread the truth and this is one way that I could it.

Eric Kemp (boxing trainee – Good Boy K.L.U.B.): It just opened my eyes more and he just brought me closer to the faith. He changed my life.

VO: Jumir Clores has been training with Coach Ludan every weekend.

Jumir: My father passed away in August. I always come to Coach Ludan because he has a lot of great advice. Coach Ludan, he told me, “A great setback can become a great comeback.” 

VO: The training has helped him cope with loss.

Jumir: I look up to him big time, from his words—he talks a lot about God and the way God has helped him—and so, learning from him and hearing everything he says makes me want to follow God’s commandments more and see what God can have for me. You’re learning about boxing and at the same time, you’re also learning about God.

Ludan: First thing’s first, before training, we have to pray. We have to ask God for God’s guidance and obviously, for His protection because anything can go wrong in this sport—especially this sport. Then, after that, we do cardio, we do boxing fundamentals. After that, we actually do some calisthenics; push-ups and all that stuff. And then, we do Bible study. And we do a little bit more boxing stuff, with me holding pads and teaching them little fundamentals that they could work on. Before the closing prayer, we talk about what we learned from Bible study and boxing and then, we do a closing prayer.

Jumir: If you’re doing Bible studies and boxing, God can help you get better in boxing, give you more knowledge and learn about more things.

Calvin Clores (boxing trainee – Good Boy K.L.U.B.): He’s been guiding us throughout not only about our spiritual faith, but also about how we fight, how we box for our future, and how we carry ourselves as individuals.

Ludan: Doing this without charging is all for the glory of God because if He is blessing me in different ways, I’m going to use whatever I have to find a way to give back to God. God willing, they pretty much follow my example and then, they help out more. And it’s just a gift that keeps on giving. These kids mean a lot to me.


Lois Paula: Volunteers like Ludan, whose passions in life and faith intertwine, have an incredible opportunity to share with others. It’s an offer that can’t be passed up.

So what are you passionate about? What can you share with others? Join us and together we’ll find the act of service for it. 

Let’s stay connected  [add gfx] — for more inspiration on how you can share your faith through kindness. 

Remember — whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. Thanks for joining us. I’m Lois Paula, we’ll see you next time on the INC Giving Show.

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Helping At Risk Youth Through Boxing