CFO LIVE Empowers Thousands of Families at Philippine Arena

Watch the highlights of one of the most anticipated events of the Christian Family Organizations in the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church Of Christ at Philippine Arena where thousands of families immerse themselves in an event where livelihood flourishes, connections thrive, values resonate and entertainment captivates. Better known as CFO LIVE.

Is 1 John 5:7 Evidence of the Trinity?

A highlighted verse of the Bible; text reads "Is 1 John 5:7-8 translated correctly?"

Some believe that 1 John 5:7 is evidence of the Trinity in the Bible, saying it shows that God is a three-in-one being. Is this verse proof of Trinity?

From Crisis to Hope: INC’s Fight Against Food Insecurity in Latin America

Top: Flags of Panama, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Bottom left: Minister giving care package in blue bag to woman. Bottom right: Smiling face woman from Kuna Nega, Panama dressed in cultural gown

From Mexico to Panama, Colombia, and Peru, watch the Church Of Christ and FYM Foundation as they fight against food insecurity and bring hope to families throughout Latin America. Stay updated on the latest events in the INC: KADIWA Organization holds a “Meet and Greet” event to celebrate its milestone anniversary, families bond through a face painting event, and CFO day strengthens the love of the brotherhood in Hawaii-Pacific.

Massive Evangelical Mission in the Philippine Arena Draws Thousands

Top left: an exterior shot of the Philippine Arena during the day and people walking to the entrance. Bottom left: one female and two males dressed in red shirts with Philippine Arena logos walking. Right side: interior shot of arena filled with people

Experience the massive evangelical mission at the iconic Philippine Arena and the heartfelt testimonials of the impact of ongoing propagation efforts by the Church Of Christ; catch the latest events of the INC: woman becomes closer to God through baptism in New Jersey, man enlightened by true faith receives baptism in Calgary, and residents of Mandurah find inspiration through an evangelical mission in Australia.

INC Holds Baptisms in California

Left - Football player standing in uniform with players and crowd behind him. Right side - Man kneeling in water with a minister of the gospel with hands on his head.

Devastated by injury in achieving his NFL dream, one California resident finds his greatest achievement when receiving the true baptism; residents receive aid in Manitoba, Canada, inaugural worship service in Kadikoy, Turkey, musical evangelical mission inspires in Singapore, Cafe or Clear Answers, Faith Explained event in Australia East and Hong Kong residents are assisted through Care For Humanity event.

INC Kicks Off Series of Events for its 50th in Europe

Left side - group of people cheering while playing table tennis. Center - exterior shot of the Battersea house of worship of the Church Of Christ during the day time. Right- Brother Joel San Pedro, minister of the gospel and one of the primary helpers of the Church Of Christ preaching in worship service.

Watch the events unfold in the United Kingdom that enlightens and inspire residents leading up to the 50 years celebration of the Church Of Christ in Europe; a California resident finds peace in singing praises to God during a gathering of choir members in Montclair.

How Can You Be A Christian Academic?

Whether in the classroom or making plans for your future goals and career, learn to recognize what God wants you to see as a Christian academic.

Building a Church Community in Burlingame

interior and drawing of a Church of Christ house of worship chapel with overlay text: "Blueprint Burlingame California"

Burlingame can be considered one of the most unchurched cities in America. But can the restoration of this house of worship make a difference in the community? /// If you’d like to visit this house of worship in Burlingame or any of the houses of worship of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), visit

INC Shares Biblical Truths Across Canada

On the left, minister of the gospel preaching to crowd of people inside a venue. On right side, portrait shot of a well dressed lady

Multiple locations in Canada hold evangelical missions that spark interest in biblical truth for residents; catch the latest events of the INC: A Protestant Pastor learns biblical truth in Oregon, Unity games in British Columbia, Songs of Faith, Love and Hope for Children in New York