Who is Isaiah 46:11 About?

A broad horizon at sunset with a bird soaring; text reads "Who is the bird of prey in Isaiah 46:11?"

What does the verse Isaiah 46:11 mean, and who is it referring to? Why is the bird of prey Felix Y. Manalo and not Cyrus? You asked, the Bible answers.

How Many Genders Did God Create?

An ambiguously gendered person posing next to text "Did God create a non-binary gender?"

How many genders did God create in the beginning? Does Jesus’ love allow for gender to be a spectrum, or to be non-binary? You asked, the Bible answers.

Why Do We Work So Hard in Life?

woman lying down on her stomach while covering her head with pillow, with text on left side, "Why does it matter what I do in life?"

Does anything we do in life matter if we all die anyways? Why do we work so hard in life, just to die? Do good deeds matter? You asked, the Bible answers.

How Do I Know I’m a True Christian?

A man exiting through a sun-bathed doorframe from an empty chapel with pews on each side; with text “How Do I Know I’m a True Christian?”

Is baptism into the true Church important? What if I’m already a believer? How can I differentiate between the true Church and other denominations?

Is it a Sin to Celebrate Halloween?

A jack-o-lantern sits in the grass; text reads "Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?"

Are the pagan Halloween practices enough to stop Christians from celebrating Halloween? If Halloween is not in the Bible, what should Christians do?

Is Killing in War a Sin?

soldiers saluting and a gold question mark

The Bible has very strict instructions concerning murder. But what about killing in war? Can a Christian serve in the military and fight for their country?

Should Christians Be Cremated?

three urns with a gold question mark

Is cremation biblical? Is Christianity a religion that practices this tradition? What can God’s true people hope for when their lives have ended?