Is Sex Before Marriage a Sin?

Silhouette of a man and woman; text reads "Is premarital sex a sin?"

What does the Bible say about sex before marriage? Is it considered adultery and fornication? Is being sexually active before marriage really a sin in today’s world?

How to Decide on a Religion?

A hooded young man walks down a grand staircase away from a large stone cathedral; Text reads "Can you change your religion?"

Is there a true religion? And if you find the right church can you even change your religion, or is that a sin? How do you decide on a religion?

Was Thomas Wrong in John 20:28?

Bible opened to John 20:28; text reads "My Lord and My God" - Apostle Thomas

When Apostle Thomas said to Jesus “My Lord and my God!” in John 20:28, was he proclaiming Jesus to be God? Was he wrong, or was he right?

Am I on the Right Path?

On this journey of life, some may ask “What is my life’s purpose?,” especially when facing life-changing decisions. What is the ultimate goal in life?