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How Much Do Words Matter?

Hand on book while turning page

We ask the question “How much do words matter?” And hear from a published author about her journey in deciding to share positive words through her children’s book and later hear from a Clinical Psychologist about the neuroscience behind how words we hear, read, and even say really matter and why our words are so powerful.

Learning Kindness From Parent-Child Bonding

Father and son walking on beach carrying trash bags.

Listen to how this father grew to understand the ways a parent can serve as a role model for their children and how parent-child bonding through acts of kindness can make a lasting impression.

How An Unexpected Friendship Changed My Life

Driver with both hands on the steering wheel of a car.

What can opening up to receiving kindness from others lead to? See how an unexpected friendship formed between a California rideshare driver and a passenger, proving that friendship can change lives.

Growing Up And Living With Compassion

Young woman smiling, sitting in front of computer pointing back to her screen.

What’s one of the most important values one can carry into adulthood? Kindness. We explore how living with compassion and kindness has helped this young professional through the decades. Join us as we focus on why compassion is good for us no matter how young or old we are.

Build Good Habits for a Growth Mindset

Silhouette of a mountain climber ascending a cliff wall.

Studies show it takes repetition and constant conscious effort for a habit to form. We talk with a woman who uses her digital footprint to spread positivity. Learn how an attitude of gratitude can help in developing good habits and a growth mindset and help us focus on the good that we can do.

The Healing Power of Kindness

Hand holding paper cut out heart shape along with a face mask, stethoscope and heart-shaped candies laid out.

Doing good is not only healthy for the heart and mind, but for the soul. Hear straight from a health expert and a Minister of the Gospel about the healing power of kindness and see how they affirm what the Bible says about making the most from every opportunity to do good.

How To Teach Kindness To Kids

Mother holding young daughter

“Please” and “thank you” might be a good start, but how else can we teach compassion in our family and raise kind kids with generous hearts? Teresa Castro, an educator and mother from Irvine, California joins us to reflect on family giving and strengthening relationships with kindness, as we focus on using our blessings as the best lesson plans.

Building Confidence in Yourself and Others

silhouette of man standing on top of rock

Can we make a difference if we don’t believe we can? In choosing to help others, confidence plays a big role in taking that first step. See how faith and entrepreneurism gave this man the confidence to recognize his path to helping others improve their health mentally, physically and spiritually.

Doing Good One Step at a Time

legs of person running

A discussion with a runner and kindness ambassador, who takes us through the steps of how to stay motivated to continue doing good by keeping a steady pace and finding endurance to keep yourself inspired no matter what.