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New baby, new title, and a whole new set of responsibilities. A Christian dad reflects and shares the lessons fatherhood has taught him so far.
Michael Bigayan

Michael Bigayan

In the face of racial injustice, an African-American dad shares how God’s words guide him in teaching his children how to respond with love.
Antwan Pryor

Antwan Prior

¿Frustrado y decepcionado por su iglesia o religión actual? ¿Se pregunta si es hora de irse? Lea 4 señales para saber si es hora de salir de su iglesia.

INC Media Contributor

Setting goals. Achieving success. There are tons of tips to try out! But what if the key to success isn’t from the latest self-help book or career coach?

Denise Alignay

Whether in the classroom or making plans for your future goals and career, learn to recognize what God wants you to see as a Christian academic.
Myra Bigayan

Myra Bigayan