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Expectations rarely match reality, especially in college. A recent graduate shares the lessons she learned about her faith while attending university.
Taylor Joy Lagpacan

Taylor Joy Lagpacan

Ever compare yourself to others? Time to stop and find a happier path. A young woman shares how focusing on God's plan can lead to real fulfillment.
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Kez Gutierrez

A young Christian shares the lessons learned as she approached her quarter-life crisis and the reality of turning 25 after passing the milestone birthday.

Nicole Custodio

Use this set of conversation-starters to talk about the Trinity with your friends and family. It’s a great way to learn (and share) the truth about God.
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The developing mind of a child inevitably involves some very big feelings. What's a parent to do when tantrums and meltdowns push them to the limit?

Jeffrey de Guia

Denise Alignay

Macy Nucup-Padilla