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Adding Christian Podcasts to Your Playlist

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Why a Christian Podcast is an excellent addition to your wellness playlist

My love affair with podcasts started about four years ago. It wasn’t as widely consumed back then, but now, podcasts are definitely having a moment. Because of the pandemic, we’re all finding more time to consume content. And even more so, nowadays, we’re all craving to hear authentic conversations.

Back then, I had just started writing for a podcast, so I had to do my research. After listening to a few podcasts on NPR, Gimlet, and WBUR, I was hooked. Podcasts became my favorite form of media to consume. And yes, I even forgo Netflix to listen to podcasts.

And clearly, I’m not alone. According to the latest podcast statistics, 144 million Americans listen to podcasts today, which shows a 20 million increase compared to 2018.

Why do people listen to podcasts?

When I do a quick Google search, I realize that my reasons for listening to podcasts are the same as others.

What makes podcasts attractive over other forms of media? It’s simple—convenience. I’m able to consume hands-free, eye-free content whenever I want. I can take care of my house chores, drive, wash the dishes, or even go for a run—any task that I’m not looking forward to doing becomes a little bit more bearable because I get to listen to my favorite podcasts.

Aside from helping people make better use of their time, podcasts also allow us to learn something new. Interested in entrepreneurship or becoming a better writer? There are podcasts for that! Want to get motivated? Sky’s the limit with daily motivation podcasts out there.

Finally, if you’re focused on your wellness and growing as an individual—mentally, emotionally, even spiritually, there are podcasts out there that can help uplift, motivate and inspire you.

Benefits of Christian Podcasts

Speaking of self-improvement, I want to make a case for Christian podcasts. Now, you might already have a whole list of wellness, self-improvement podcasts on your queue, but I want you to consider adding Christian podcasts, that is, the podcasts that are being produced by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) to the mix. And here’s why:
Christian podcasts provide insight and opportunity for self-improvement and spiritual growth.

There are tons of interview-based podcasts out there. And in most of them, individuals talk about important moments in their lives when they’ve come to learn valuable life lessons that have helped them grow as individuals. But how about growing spiritually?

Listen to this:

Making changes logo

Making Changes 

This new podcast focuses on something we all go through at different points in our lives — change. Each episode features a conversation between two individuals going through the same change but are at different stages in their journey. Get inspired as individuals talk about the challenges and victories that come with change and the life lessons that God allows them to learn along the way. 

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You can also learn how to grow mentally stronger while expanding your spiritual knowledge. You might wonder, what’s the connection here? Well, it doesn’t hurt to find out. 

Listen to this: 

God's Message podcast logo

God’s Message Podcast

Inspired by the God’s Message Magazine, these articles are now in audio form and packed with Bible teachings that will motivate you and provide answers to life’s problems. 

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Christian podcasts can help you find ways to calm your anxiety and worry. 

I’m sure you’ve read or heard it before; anxiety levels are on the rise because of this current pandemic. And as a result, many people are looking for ways to calm their anxiety and worries. 

Listen to this: 

Kindness Moves logo

Kindness Moves (Presented by INC Giving)

This podcast celebrates what many studies prove to be the secret to battling anxiety and worry—practicing kindness and gratitude. In this podcast, meet individuals who make a difference in their community, one step at a time.

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Christian podcasts can help you navigate important life milestones. 

There really is a podcast for everyone. 

Maybe you just got married, or you’re about to have your first child. There are Christians experiencing the same thing and sharing the lessons they’ve learned to help others navigate the same milestone.  

Listen to this: 

Happy Life logo

Happy Life 

This podcast features conversations with newlyweds about real-life experiences and challenges during their first years of marriage. It also features practical tips and Bible advice on how to have a happy, married life. 

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Or maybe, you’re well into your marriage, and you’re now raising your own family.

Listen to this:

Tired But Inspired Moms logo

Faith and Family 

Whether you’re raising toddlers or teenagers, listen to the Faith and Family podcast.  It features conversations about different aspects of family life—conscious parenting, living the military wife life, and even geriatric pregnancy—and provides insight into how God wants your family to be. 

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Or, perhaps, you’re single and interested in listening to conversations between other young, unmarried Christians.

Listen to this:

Heart and Soul logo

Heart & Soul 

This podcast features authentic conversations with people around the world, talking about love and relationships, guided by the words of God.

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Christian podcasts can help you become spiritually stronger.
When we’re interested in learning or improving our knowledge about a particular subject, we often look to experts for their opinions and advice. But what if you want to learn more about God’s teachings? What if you want to become spiritually stronger and deepen your understanding of God’s words?

Listen to this:

El Mensaje logo

El Mensaje 

Do you speak Spanish? Or perhaps, you have a Spanish-speaking friend who wants to grow spiritually and mentally stronger? El Mensaje is the podcast for you. This podcast gives listeners a greater understanding of God’s words and how to use them to improve their everyday life. 

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That's in the Bible podcast logo

That’s in the Bible 

This podcast has two main elements: questions from listeners and answers from the Bible. It features questions from listeners about life, faith, and the Bible. Its short, informative, Q&A-style is just what you need to learn more about the Bible every day.  

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Christian Podcasts are here to stay. What will you be listening to?

As you can see, there are podcasts for everyone. If you’re overwhelmed by the options available, I suggest picking a couple of shows to check on your next commute or trip to the store. 

If you like what you’re hearing and want to hear more, hit the subscribe or listen button depending on which platform you’re on. You’ll automatically receive an update when a new episode comes out. 

So whether you are looking for “best podcasts for Christians,” “biblical podcasts,” or “Christian podcasts for young adults,” INC Media probably has a podcast for you to check out. You can listen to INC Media podcasts on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.

Or you can go straight to the INC Media mobile app, select audio, and you have all of the Christian podcasts from INC Media right at your fingertips.


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