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A Worship Service to God via Live Streaming

As news of the pandemic spreads, Church Of Christ members listen to the words of God through a worship service lesson prepared by the Executive Minister.


A Worship Service to God via Live Streaming

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On March 29, 2020, the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, led brethren from different parts of the world in a worship service to God via live streaming.

While observing social distancing, brethren were still able to take part in the worship service and listen to the words of God that the Executive Minister preached.

Prior to this worship service, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo has given out Bible-based lessons that heads of households would be reading as they lead their household’s worship service.

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Sister Nikki Teopaco 

South Atlanta, Georgia

Nikki Teopaco: What I have learned from the lessons prepared by our Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo in household worship services is that we have our membership and that God doesn’t abandon His chosen. We have the blessing of healing coming from our Almighty Father and most especially the strength of faith to endure whatever crisis we have to face because our Almighty God will continue to guide us through those crises. 

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The Executive Minister also mentioned that members of the Church Of Christ follow the government’s guidelines to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. 

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Sister Patricia Antonio

Imabari, Japan

Patricia Antonio (in Tagalog): This is a great blessing for us because we know what is happening to the world today the spread of the infectious disease, COVID-19. 

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Sister Maylani Hashimoto

Fukushima, Japan

Maylani Hashimoto (in Tagalog): I’m very joyful and I can’t explain my emotions because despite the epidemic affecting the entire world we were one of the remote sites led in the worship service officiated by Brother Eduardo Manalo. 

Patricia (in Tagalog): In the homily of the Executive Minister, he reminded us that a member of the Church Of Christ should not be afraid, we should not give up, we should not let go of our faith, and none of us should get depressed.  

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Sister Sheena Trapal

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 

Sheena Trapal (in Tagalog): We should hold on to what our Lord God can do at all times, all the more as we experience the widespread poverty all over the world. 

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Sister Rosemarie Ewing

Molokai, Hawaii

Rosemarie Ewing (in Tagalog): We need to stand up, tall and upright, fight for our faith, and trust in what God can do because He is the only one who can help us.

Patricia (in Tagalog): Despite the trials, we strive to continue our worship to our Lord God.

To our beloved Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, thank you very very much. 

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Brother Nicodemo Estrera

Hikone, Japan

Nicodemo Estrera (in Tagalog): For the hope that you give to each and every one of us. 

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Sister Nicodemo Estrera

Alanya, Turkey

Nicodemo Estrera (in Tagalog): We thank the Executive Minister for his continuous guidance so that we can conduct our services to our Lord God. 

Patricia (in Tagalog): We pray that our Lord God will always take care of you so that you can continue to lead us in serving God. Thank you very much! 

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A Worship Service to God via Live Streaming