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As a kid, Maynard always dismissed his parent’s advice. But after a life-changing experience, he realized their advice and life lesson saved him.
Family care can be stressful. A family man asks how he can cope with the stress of caregiving while taking care of his own children and elderly parents.
Filmed in front of a Live studio audience before COVID-19, the tired moms of the Faith & Family podcast discuss the reasons kids need to feel seen.
Parent-child relationships change over the years and adjustments are necessary from both sides. What is the best way to grow with your kids as Christians?
This month, we’re celebrating moms and teachers! We’re taking you back to season 1 where we met Melissa and Arienne, two mom teachers who were forced to change their way of teaching through remote learning at the height of the pandemic, while still caring for their own children. Studies show the impact on mothers and
A dental hygienist volunteered with Philos Health to help bring free dental care to poor communities in Jagna Bohol, Philippines.
Sit down and make realistic, achievable goals with your family.