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Ways To Avoid Quiet Quitting

Why work hard if others don't?

Feel like you’re doing too much? Or that others don’t work as hard as you do? “Quiet quitting” might seem like the next step, but is it the right choice?

Dealing With Disappointment

Disappointments got you down? Let’s Talk

When things don’t go as planned, it can leave us feeling discouraged. How can we stay positive in the face of disappointments? Learn now on Vantage Point!

Real Friends Versus Fake Friends

Two women walking. Men talking behind a man.

Believe it or not there are “fake” friends. Which friendships are good for you and which are not? Join the discussion in this episode.

Dealing With The Changes of Today

People wearing masks. Woman working from home in front of her computer.

Due to COVID-19, changes have occurred that we are compelled to accept. Enumerate what some of those changes are that the youth are dealing with and show that we sympathize. But pandemic or not, there are things in our life that should never change, such as our devotion to our worship services. That is because worship is our life’s work, and it opens doors to God’s goodness. And having God’s goodness is a necessary advantage when dealing with the changes of today.

Coping With Loss

A man looking through his shoulder.

How do you cope with the loss of a loved one, which is one of life’s unavoidable circumstances? Join the conversation on this episode of “Vantage Point”.

Control Your Social Media

Man using his phone. Woman browsing on the internet.

Social media has its perks, but can also be bad for us. Are we handling it responsibly or is social media now controlling us? Join us in this episode.