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The Real Image of Christ

Text Overlay of "What is the Image of Christ" Over Images of "Jesus"

What is the true image of Jesus Christ according to the Bible? Among the countless interpretations of His physical image, is there one that is accurate?

The Truth About the Cross

Crucifix with text "The Truth About the Cross"

Many people today recognize the cross as the symbol of Christianity and identified with Christ. What does the sign of the cross truly symbolize? Is it bad to have a crucifix to honor Christ? What is the history of the cross? These will be answered and more.

The Real History of Christianity

The Real History of Christianity: Part III

The history of Christianity after the time of the apostles and the first century Church, is one built on false teachings, lies and drenched in blood. Unfortunately these facts all point to the Catholic Church, but are they the only ones?

Why Are There So Many Different Churches?

Holy Bible with hands in clasped in front.

If there’s only one Bible, why are there so many different denominations? According to history, what happened to Church established by Jesus Christ?

Join us for part one of the Real History of Christianity series.