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OHWA Village School Library Restored And Reopened

Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church of Christ INCGiving Volunteers Adopt-a-library

POHNPEI, MICRONESIA (JAN. 24, 2016) – The Ohwa Village school library is now ready and reopened, thanks to volunteers of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ). Nearly 100 locals gathered, children and families included, for the opening ceremony of the school library on Sunday Jan. 24.

Over the last three months, INC volunteers of all ages, families and even other community members offered their time sorting through books, painting and repairing shelves in order to renovate and restore the library, preparing it for the youth in the region.

“The event is an extension of our continuous commitment to share our faith through acts of kindness,” said Scott Agustin, Minister of the Gospel for the Pohnpei Local Congregation. “We know it is a duty to provide not only spiritual needs, but assistance for our neighbors in any manner possible. It is our way of saying we are here to help.”

The day following the opening ceremony, Ohwa school staff, together with some of their high school students, gathered at their school cafeteria to welcome the INCGiving volunteers back to show their appreciation through a simple, but very heart touching program.

“We are so grateful for the gesture,” Agustin said. “Where there are INC congregations, there are residents ready to serve the community and be of help to local organizations in need of a volunteer task force – all over the world. We look forward to servicing the community even more.”

The day of service is a labor of the INCGiving Project, one of the INC’s socio-civic programs that support the efforts of community partners, by offering time and resources for the wellbeing of those in need. INC volunteers worldwide are taking a multi-service approach to address the issues facing residents of their area, while setting the tone for future programs that support family and community development – a global commitment to share faith through acts of kindness.

Numerous large-scale and local community partnerships have been established for 2016, events to take place internationally. Most recently volunteers have conducted community clean ups around Pohnpei.