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Meeting the Executive Minister in an Elevator in Lubbock,Texas

A family from Little Rock, Arkansas shares their surprise moment with the Executive Minister before his pastoral visitation in Lubbock, Texas.


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Alisa Bour: My name is Alisa Bour and I am 18 years of age and I am from Little Rock, Arkansas. I’ll always remember meeting him in his pastoral visitation to Little Rock. And that was a very blessed day when our local [congregation] got to hear the words of God taught by our Executive Minister. Finally seeing him behind the podium was definitely a moment I will never forget. And it says a lot about his leadership that even though Little Rock is a humble local, it shows that Brother Eduardo and the Church Administration never forgets us and truly cares to reach out to all the members of the Church.

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But that wasn’t the last time she would meet the Executive Minister. This past February, Brother Eduardo traveled to Lubbock, Texas

Alisa Bour: So we were getting ready at the hotel, about to leave for the worship service. And then my Dad and I were about to get on the elevator, we were going down. And then all of a sudden, the doors opened. And it stopped on the third floor, and guess who it was? It was Brother Eduardo, and all of his family. And my Dad and I were in shock. We didn’t know what to say because we didn’t want to disturb him, since he was about to go to the worship service. But me and my dad and I just looked at each other and we said ‘Hello Brother’. And he said, ‘oh my gosh, are you Brethren?’ and we said yea. And then his family started laughing. And his wife I think, asked what local are we from? And we said the ‘local of Little Rock, Brother. And we thank you so much for coming to Lubbock, Texas’. And it really says a lot how he was so nice and able to take a selfie with me. Because as an Executive Minister about to go to the worship service I’m sure he is really focused in trying to prepare himself, to prepare the lesson for the Holy Supper. It was such a grateful experience for me to be able meet him in person before it even started. 

That experience has influenced me in my faith, by allowing me to see how down to earth Brother Eduardo is. And even though he was preparing for the worship service, he still greeted me with a smile. And agreed to take a picture with me, when he didn’t have to do that. 


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Meeting the Executive Minister in an Elevator in Lubbock,Texas