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INC Activities Around the Globe Pt. 4

We take a look at some of the latest inspiring events happening in the Church Of Christ around the world: 'Inaugural worship services in New Zealand, Evangelical Missions in Hawaii-Pacific, Oath-taking of new officers in Western Europe, Christian Brotherhood International gathering in Singapore, and Unity Games in Calgary, Canada.


INC Activities Around the Globe Pt. 4


Naomi De La Cruz: Welcome back to INC News World. From North America to Europe, we take a look at some of the latest events happening in the Church Of Christ around the world. Let’s check it out.




Naomi: Our first stop takes us to the ecclesiastical district of New Zealand. Known for its breathtaking scenery, landscapes, and pristine wilderness. However, this beautiful view was temporarily replaced by images of the devastation brought about by Cyclone Gabriel, which was dubbed the worst storm to hit New Zealand this century. As a result, residents like Joyvee in Hastings face considerable challenges while traveling on the road, especially in the Northern part of New Zealand.


Joyvee De Leon (Choir Member, Hastings, New Zealand): With the current situation from the devastation of Cyclone Gabriel, there are still a lot of roadworks.


Naomi: For members of the Church Of Christ like Joyvee, the condition and distance of the road are not barriers to travel 230 km from their local congregation in Hastings to Gisborne in order to attend and fulfill their duties on an important occasion.


The event they attended was the Inaugural Worship Service of the Church Of Christ in Gisborne, New Zealand.


Joyvee De Leon (Choir Member, Hastings, New Zealand): These challenges never hindered us from coming here to Gisborne through the help and guidance of our Almighty God.


Naomi: The inaugural worship service of Gisborne was held at the Gisborne Central School Hall led by Supervising Minister, Brother Dennis Dahunan. Being isolated for nearly three months due to the devastation left behind by Cyclone Gabriel, the brethren saw a blessing through it all.


Brother Dante Ariola (Resident Minister, Gisborne Group Worship Service, New Zealand):  God turned the calamity faced by the brethren into a blessing. The establishment of Gisborne Group Worship Service is a manifestation of God’s love and mercy for the brethren here in Gisborne and also for the people in this area of New Zealand who will be called to become members of the Church Of Christ. This momentous occasion will usher the growth of the Church in this area or part of the world.


Naomi: And in the same district, the Inaugural Worship Service for the Coronation extension was also held, where members were led by Supervising Minister, Brother Dennis Dahunan, in this special service to the Lord God.


Rogelio Gatmen (Group Overseer, Cromwell, New Zealand): (In Filipino) I am very happy– not only me but my family who attended the [inaugural worship service] of the Invercargill [Coronation] extension because not only did we attend but we also fulfilled our duty. That’s why we were so excited earlier. We almost didn’t sleep all night waiting for this moment.


Naomi: With the Coronation Extension here in Invercargill, New Zealand they add this to the victories for the Church as it approaches its 109th anniversary of its establishment.


Maritess Jabonitalla (Finance Officer, Coronation Extension, New Zealand): (In Filipino) We promise that we will fulfill our duty entrusted to us, we will also help take care of our brethren, and we will also help in all the activities and programs implemented by the Church Administration.


Naomi: With the addition of these blessings to the district, the members throughout New Zealand are inspired and uplifted in their faith.


For our next stop, We now head to the west coast to visit the ecclesiastical district of Hawaii-Pacific. Hawaii is well known for its beautiful scenery and it is also here where historic Evangelical Missions were held throughout the islands of Hawaii.


Brother Ryan Banachea (Ministerial Worker): We’re celebrating, commemorating this month the 109th anniversary of the Church and also 55 years here in the Far West. It’s truly inspiring to see all of the brethren who came to unite in this activity this evening.


Naomi: People from different walks of life accepted the invitation to listen to the words of God and gathered in the various places of worship to hear an inspiring message from the Holy Bible. For Greg Peterson, an officer inside the Church Of Christ, he is thankful for witnessing this historic occasion and is hopeful that the guests will benefit from the words of God that were shared with them.


Greg Peterson (LOS Officer, Ewa Beach, Hawaii): The lesson was inspiring. And I think it reached a lot of visitors today. And I think it probably got a lot of them thinking about their relationship to God and seeing this opportunity to be a member of the Church Of Christ.


I really liked this lesson because it really shows this is the true Church, this is what we believe, especially for visitors.


Naomi: As the Church draws near to its 109th anniversary of its establishment, the members in Hawaii are united in hopes that more would be brought to the true faith.


We take our next visit crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the ecclesiastical district of Western Europe, where a special gathering and oath-taking of new officers was held. This special gathering of officers was led by the Supervising Minister Brother Marvin Adriano.


Antoine Caranan (Binhi Officer, Val D’oise, France): (In French) I feel very blessed by God. And my promise is to continue to perform my duty by God. And to never neglect [my duty] and continue despite the obstacles and temptations that may come in my life. We must encourage the brothers and sisters to accept an office and to follow the Church Administration to do good works taught by our Lord God.


Naomi: The brethren were encouraged and moved, through the words of God, to accept an office inside the Church Of Christ to further help in taking care of the Church.


Naomi: For Rosita, who took oath as a deaconess, she is certain her duty is from God and is filled with conviction to always fulfill it.


Rosita Dimatulac (New Church Officer, Marseille, France): (In Filipino) My heart and soul are happy, and I hope the Father will bless me more as I fulfill my duty. May He always be with me.


Naomi: For our next stop we head east to Singapore where the Christian Brotherhood International or CBI gathered at Midland for a special gathering. This gathering of CBI members was led by the Assistant Supervising Minister, Brother Uziel Bongares in which he reminded the students through the words of God to be grateful to their parents. For Christian Jay, a student and a CBI officer, he is thankful for reminders like this from the Church Administration.


Christian Jay Bautista (CBI District Officer, Singapore): During the special gathering for the CBI members, we learned very, very useful things for us. One of which is the importance of being grateful and thankful for our parents and always respecting and heeding the instructions for us because this is actually what is best for us and remaining active and always righteous in God’s sight.


Naomi: The students were reminded that wherever they go in this world, even online, they should continue to live the Christian way and maintain the Christian livelihood all throughout their lives.


Brother Earl-bert Parco (Ministerial Worker): This lesson was a perfect reminder that we should not live like how the people of this world live, but instead we should live as Christians. And so it’s important that we are reminded of this so that at their young age they would be able to maintain that kind of ideology of sustaining that Christian livelihood as they grow older throughout the various stages of their life.


Naomi: For our last stop we head north to the ecclesiastical district of Calgary where brethren traveled great distances to participate in the Unity Games. The brethren filled the gymnasium with cheers and enthusiasm as the players put on a show. For Lovella, a newly baptized member, she was excited to exercise her unity in the Unity Games.


Lovella Contemprato (Volleyball, Calgary, Canada):  Though I came from another religion before, they accepted me wholeheartedly. We play as a family inside the court. So I’m very thankful. We saw unity and we played together as one.


Guian Callo (Basketball, Edmonton, Canada): It really brings us together and really strengthens our connections. And you know, Edmonton and Calgary, we’re like far away from each other. But it’s in events like these that we kind of meet up, you know, make friends, make connections, and hang out.


Vinzandrei Pascua (Basketball, Edmonton, Canada): The best part is basically like having joyful fun and all that, like cheering for others. And even if you have the chance to play.


Naomi: This activity allowed members to showcase their talents in sports through this friendly competition.


Bert Sanchez (Basketball Coach, Calgary, Canada): We will do our best but win or lose, as long as you participate. It’s a win for us as members of the Church Of Christ.


Lovella Contemprato (Volleyball, Calgary, Canada): If there’s a chance to have these kind of events, it will push us to coordinate and unite and cheer on for our team.


Naomi: At the end of the day, the brethren made new connections, showing the strong bond of the members within the Church Of Christ while they showed their activeness in the activities launched by the Church Administration.


Through these activities, members of the Church Of Christ are strengthened in their faith and further inspired in sharing it with their fellowmen in hopes that many will come to learn more about the true teachings taught in the Church Of Christ.




Naomi: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on, our youtube channel and on streaming platforms .  I’m Naomi De La Cruz, thank you for joining us, stay safe, and we’ll see you next time. God bless!


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INC Activities Around the Globe Pt. 4