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I’m Turning Into My Mom, and That’s A Good Thing

mother hugging daughter holding flowers looking up at the sky

Strong (Mentally, Physically and Spiritually)

Since I can remember, my mom has been an example of strength. I’ve seen her easily move large, heavy furniture on her own just for the sake of keeping the house clean and safe for me to play in. I never quite understood how a woman of her physical stature could move such things. She could summon this superhuman energy at will and it was truly amazing. But beyond her feats of physical strength, she was a superhero, both mentally and emotionally. Life, as we all know, is filled with challenges and even at it’s toughest, she never buckled under the pressure. She was always calm, she was always positive. She was always ready to face anything. In those moments, at a young age, I clearly learned where her mental, physical and emotional strength came from. It was her faith…her faith in God and what He could do for her. I want to be strong like my mom.


The comfort of a mom’s voice or the reassurance of her hug is a powerful thing, regardless of what situation you’re in or how old you are. The care and kindness I’ve felt from my mom has not dulled one bit with age. Actually, it’s been enhanced, as I got older. I’ve grown to better appreciate this act of kindness and better understand just how significant the care of a mom is. I want to care and be kind like my mom.


If you see a mom with her child, chances are her patience is being tested right at that moment. As a son, I know first hand that my mom had extreme patience. As a kid, I wanted to do crazy stunts in the backyard, which I’m sure caused her grief and tested her patience. But aside from that form of patience (which is more comparable to tolerance), she was patient when it came to teaching me how to grow and learn. If I failed at anything, she was always there to encourage me to keep trying. No matter how many times she had to do that, she never gave up. She always had the time to teach me. But she didn’t only treat me this way. She was like this to everyone she knew. I want to be patient like my mom.


Faith is the most valuable lesson my mom taught me. We were not strangers to the challenges life had to offer. But as you already know, my mom was strong. Her strength grounded in her faith. So anytime we faced a challenge, she faced it fearlessly. She would always tell me that there was no reason to be worried because we weren’t alone. We had each other (my mom, my dad and me). But most importantly we had God. If there was a potential solution, but would compromise our faith and duties, it was no longer an option. No matter how promising it might have been, she made sure to remind me that God would provide as long as we put Him first. And I was a witness to just how amazing and loving God is because he always helped us. I witnessed these things thanks to her faithfulness (along with my dad, too, of course). I want to be faithful like my mom.


About the Author(S)

Nan Zapanta is a staff writer at INC Media and is the host of Blueprint. He is also the producer for Kindness Moves and the INC Giving Show. He enjoys exploring the outdoors with his wife and their puppy.