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How I Realized God Was Calling Me

Sherry explored different religions but none of them could seem to keep her as a faithful follower. So she prayed for God’s help. After hearing about from a coworker she was able to learn more about the Church Of Christ--where she felt God was truly calling her to.


Sherry Richard: I was not raised in any particular religion. It was when I became older that I started going to church. And seeking, I believe that’s when God was calling me, but I did not have a lot of background. So I didn’t really know what to do. It was kind of just like go to this church or go to that church.

I’m Native American. I am a quarter Caddo, we’re in Binger, Oklahoma is where our tribe is headquartered. I’m also a quarter Cherokee, and that is Western Oklahoma Cherokee. I’m a quarter French and a quarter combination of a lot of different varieties. My former religions were Baptist and non-denominational. They were in various states like Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, California, but there was nothing that really kept me there. I had prayed to God that he would provide me with an awesome job in an awesome town with an awesome church.

I was introduced to the Church Of Christ by a coworker who told me about the Church, and told me about the website When I went home, I went online to, read about the Church Of Christ, Iglesia Ni Cristo, and everything I read was perfect. The first worship service that I attended, the things that stood out to me was the purity when I walked into the Church. It just seemed so clear, calm, and relaxing. From walking up to the Church, walking inside, and sitting down, everything they teach here is definitely in the Bible and that was very refreshing and very reassuring.

And I would just like to encourage everybody to come and listen because that hole or that gap that is in our heart, and is spiritually missing can definitely be fulfilled and filled by coming to the Church Of Christ. You will not want to leave. You will be amazed. When you interact with the brethren and you see how they follow God and how they are just inspired by God’s word and the way that they act and the way they behave and the way that they just carry themselves, it is truly living. And the Bible, watching them and being part of it, and that’s what’s so amazing too. So I’m no longer on the outside looking in. I’m actually living what the Bible says and that’s what’s really amazing.

We’re following God’s word; we’re following what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had instructed us to do and it’s just amazing. You will be amazed. You will not want to leave. If you are called by God, you will definitely know. In my case, I was definitely called by God.


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How I Realized God Was Calling Me