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Friends Volunteer To Help The Homeless

Two friends join INC Giving volunteers to help the homeless in Illinois by assembling care packages and providing basic necessities for them.



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100 million people are homeless worldwide.

10,700 of them are in Illinois.

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INC Giving Volunteer Event – Homeless Care Packages

Hey all,

Just wanted to extend the invite to all of you to a volunteer event my church is sponsoring. We will be packing homeless care packages. If you are interested, shoot me a text.


Leslie’s friend Cathy immediately responded to the invitation to help the homeless in the area. Cathy and Leslie have known each other for 5 years…and they both share a love for helping the community.

Cathy Polymenakos (Leslie’s friend): I try to do them as often as I could. I don’t get a lot of time to, but I have helped out at soup kitchens, helping out other functions and events like this.

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Cathy joined INC Giving volunteers from Illinois put together care packages filled with essentials.

Leslie Esguerra (INC Giving volunteer): So, what’s included in that is bottled water, snacks, chapstick, lotion; just simple things that they can carry with them to keep them—their day-to-day—to keep them safe and warm from the elements that winter brings. So, there’s chapstick so their lips don’t get chapped, there’s lotion so that their skin doesn’t crack in the dryness of the winter, things like that. It’s just basic necessities that people need that may not be able to afford and we’re giving them out.

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This is Cathy’s first time volunteering with INC Giving.

Cathy: I’m very impressed by the turn-out. There’s a lot of people here, a lot of nice—everyone’s very welcoming, everyone is—there’s maybe 15-20 people that have said, “Welcome,” and called me “sister”. We don’t call each other “sister” in the church that I go to but it’s very nice. It’s more of a family feel. So, it’s different than what I’ve experienced, definitely. Kudos to everybody here. They got out of their house in the snow, they had to shovel, I’m sure, clean their cars off, dress appropriately, take that extra time when they could’ve just stayed home. So, it’s very, very good. It’s amazing. I’m sure they’ve taken a lot of extra time to get here, so I’m very impressed by how many people are here and the turn-out.

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INC Giving volunteers like Luis braved the storm for this important cause.

Luis Cabus (INC Giving volunteer): We’re not only combining forces here by packing things together but we’re going to be going out to the community and spreading the word about our church and sharing our faith. Not only that, we’re also going to be giving some goodies to them, just to put some light into their eyes, especially in times like this when the weather is bleak like this. Some people might start losing hope or feel really down or in a difficult situation. At least we’re showing some light in their life.

Brother Daniel Aglipay Jr. (Minister of the Gospel): This will not just help out our fellow men with their material needs because the truth is, material needs are very temporary. But at the same time, we’re reaching out to them spiritually and we continue to invite them to be able to attend our Bible studies.

Cathy: Nowadays, no one has extra time. So, for everybody to come together and spend their time to give back is very awesome to see. Thank you for the experience.

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Friends Volunteer To Help The Homeless