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Family Goals: 4 Prompts to Answer as You Set Goals as a Family

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Helpful Questions to get your family thinking about the possibilities

In the family, it is important that we grow together and stay strong together through the years. As a family, consider holding a special Family Hour where you can share personal goals and make a family plan together for achieving them.

In your family hour, share personal goals, make plans for the New Year and see if you can answer these 4 prompts which help you reach your goals.

1. If our family could live this year over again we would ___________________:

When it comes time to offer our Annual Year-End Thanksgiving to God, what kind of life will you want to have offered Him? Before all the distractions and pressures begin to attack your family plans – decide what matters most and keep those as our focus.

The process of considering your year as though you were reliving it is a simple mental trick to help you live a meaningful life.

Mentally flash-forward to December 31st of this year and look back. What will you have made sure to have accomplished?

This is called reverse scheduling, and it is not about letting time manage our lives, but rather living the most meaning-filled and productive life possible.

2. How do you (as a family) plan on growing closer to God this year?

There is always a way to level up. If we’re still walking, talking, breathing – God has use for us.

What part of our lives can we invite Him into?

Where in our lives can we go deeper with Him?

We know to make the most of every opportunity to do good. God is good. As we plan the fun family outings, and picture-worthy experiences let’s prioritize the most important part of our existence – our membership inside the true Church of Christ. In our service to God, where can we improve?

3. What do you plan on enjoying this year?

Many parents put off necessary family life experiences, and then wish to have the time back –but their children have gone astray or are already grown up.

Answering this prompt, will help your family fight against procrastination.

Try answering the prompt.

What family experiences are you looking forward to?

Are trips and travel ahead? De-cluttering and purging? Growth and expansion? New baby? Home improvements? New high school student? New kindergartener? New college student? New duty or office in the Church? Doing good to others? Family vacation? Are there special events or activities lined-up in your local congregation? Is a family member, like grandpa, celebrating a birthday milestone? How will you celebrate your wedding anniversary this year? How will you celebrate birthdays in the family this year? Is your family celebrating stronger health? Will someone be baptized into the Church this year because you took the time to sponsor their bible learning?

Listing out these truly enjoyable experiences helps to get us motivated because it eliminates the fear that we might miss out on life if we focus on work.

One theory about procrastination is that it happens when a family believes they won’t get to enjoy something because they will be spending so much time working.

There is daily work: examples include the laundry piling up, the dining table that becomes the dump station, and even the neglected conversations.

There are the major things to do: start saving for college, repairing the house, paying off debt, changing a family diet to help with health concerns.

There is the most important ongoing assignment of all: the spiritual development of each member of our family. This must be a priority.

If we let procrastination delay us, work is then neglected, and then guilt will follow, and then no one enjoys anything. A family can get stronger together and do the work by first addressing the question: what will you get to enjoy this year?

4. What is your family’s purpose?

Every family should have a personal family theme. It can change over the years, but it is something to give attention to regularly and helps make family life more intentional.

There are only so many Friday nights and Saturday mornings in a month. There are tens or even hundreds of things competing for your family’s presence on those open nights.

With a dedicated family theme – you can stay focused on what to do with your time.

As adults, this means more than ever that we need to avoid following meaningless trends, especially in a time when “FOMO” or fear of missing out is so prevalent in our living.

Every good parent wants to make the most out of every opportunity. Really good parents know exactly what matters most and make the decision not to do it all, but to always do what matters.

When we have to make choices about how to spend our time, recalling our family theme helps us choose what we value and keep our priorities.

Your family theme goes along with your family purpose.

What is the (insert your family name) family all about?

If your family theme sounds like this – “we will always serve the Lord”, tough decisions are handled with ease. When there are two or three things competing for your time – you’ll choose the one that aligns with your family theme.

Tell us on social media how you and your family set goals for the New Year and what goals you have. Let us know your family theme and what you are looking forward to enjoying this year!

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From all of us at the Faith & Family team here at INCMEDIA we are wishing you and your family a blessed, happy and successful new year! May this year be the year we grow together in faith, hope and love and grow closer to God.

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