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Executive Minister Prays for Newborn During Pastoral Visit

Parents describe the moment Brother Eduardo V. Manalo personally prayed for their newborn son during a pastoral visit in Bakersfield, California.


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Eunice: We were walking, right? Towards the podium at that time. I know Brother Eduardo was going to assign somebody. That’s what usually happens. I wanted to ask my husband, “Who do you think [he is] going to assign?” I’m kind of looking at the podium.

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Eunice & Ronald Ang

Carson, California

Eunice: We are a family of four. We have two kids. Our eldest is Evan. What can we say about Evan?

Ronald: Evan’s a handful. He’s all over the place. 


Eunice: Liam is quite the opposite. He’s our youngest. He just turned seven months recently and he’s quiet. He’s a happy baby though. He had the special privilege of being offered by no less than our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.  

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The Importance of Offering a Child in the Church Of Christ…

Eunice: As parents it is our responsibility to be able to do that. This is us preparing for our son’s salvation. My dad informed us that Brother Eduardo would be visiting California, and we said, “This is our chance.” Let’s write. Let’s request if Liam can be offered. Then we got an answer. We were approved. Liam was going to be offered, but we didn’t have very high expectations. It was enough. It was already an honor and a blessing that he said yes for Liam to be offered at the Local Congregation of Bakersfield. That was more than enough. I’m having goosebumps. 

I saw the mic standing there already. I want to see who’s behind the mic, and I saw it was him. I said, “Oh no. This is it.” I just couldn’t contain my emotions anymore. I was pinching him.

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Brother Eduardo V. Manalo praying for Liam Ang

Child Offering – Bakersfield, California

Ronald: It’s one of those rare occasions that we will truly cherish for the rest of our lives. When Brother Eduardo offered our son, Liam, I truly felt the power of the Holy Spirit. Being a convert, it has strengthened my faith. 

Eunice: This is what we want Liam to understand. That you were offered not by anybody, but by the most important person in our lives, Brother Eduardo. He personally prayed for Liam. 

Ronald: He doesn’t know it yet, but…

Eunice: He will understand.

Ronald: He will understand. 

Eunice: And to respect the Church Administration even more. Even more. Who are we? We’re nobodies. Were simple members of the church. It only goes to show how much of a humble man Brother Eduardo is. 

Ronald: From our parents in the Philippines, to our families here, Happy 7th Anniversary Brother Eduardo.

Eunice: Thank you for seven years of dynamic leadership. We love you so much, brother.

Ronald: We love you, brother.

[Baby Liam cooing]



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Executive Minister Prays for Newborn During Pastoral Visit