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Choosing To Be On God’s Side

Growing up, Bernadette always felt different from her peers. Add to that a strong desire to join a Church that her family knew nothing about. But here, she finds comfort in the worship service, and the reminders given by the Executive Minister.


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Bernadette Fernandez – Elk Grove, California


Hi Brother Eduardo! I’m Sister Bernadette from the local of Elk Grove, California. And well, I’d show you around my house, but I am the only member of my immediate family that is a member of the Church. But I am not alone!


I have my extended family who introduced me to the Church when I was 16! I have my Aunt Shirley, who is a deaconess. I have my uncle Ed, who is one of our head deacons. And my cousins, Vincent, a local secretary, and Mark, who is also in Choir with me. Besides the choir, I occasionally help with INCRadio. And I recently became a volunteer for INC Media!  


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Bernadette:  It is important for me to have God, for me to have my faith, for me to be in the Church Of Christ because it helps me live. 



Having joined the Church at 18, I think the funniest but best challenge I go through is when I tell someone tells me they can’t believe I’m Christian because, yes, a Christian can like horror films and crime documentaries. That’s what shocks me, I guess. People look at me differently because I grew up as the odd kid, but it still shocks me how people wear disguises everywhere, thinking they can cheat people and commit crimes. 


Why live in a world like that when you can look at all the atrocities in the history of mankind since, like, forever? It’s heartbreaking when I see young people who don’t believe in Judgment Day or don’t want Judgment Day to come. When all I ever thought growing up was, “When is this all going to end? ” And now, after joining the Church, I am positive this world will definitely end as you remind us, life will only get tougher. And I feel it. Sometimes I hear, “Don’t you just want to live your life, have freedom? Why serve God?”. “Why serve God ?” I tell them, I serve God because people clearly cannot govern themselves. Every day, people constantly do evil, completely unchecked, with no fear of consequence because this world gives leeway to people who sin. I’d rather be on God’s side who will serve justice. 


 But although these are challenging topics I run into frequently, they’re the best moments because the worship services teach me how to handle these moments and make them opportunities to share my faith. I get to discuss the heart I put into hymn singing. I get to discuss how everything I learn from the worship service lessons. is taken straight from the Bible. I get to encourage Brethren, And my favorite part, I get to invite. 


There is this lesson you taught a while back where you discussed how God accepts everyone because he wants to save everyone. And I wanted to let you know. how that gave me the utmost confidence as a convert. Because as a Mexican-Filipino “odd” girl born in America, I saw how the world ostracized me. Being accepted by society can be rough for those who have a mixed heritage like me, but God doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who He chooses to give a chance at salvation.  But after that lesson, with 100% certainty, strangers can say whatever they want about me, but I belong to God. 


So, thank you, Ka Eduardo, for always encouraging us to always give God our all, and no matter how much effort we put into our duties or time for Him. It will never be wasted. Out of all the living people on Earth, I respect you the most because everything you do, you do selflessly for our salvation. I Look at politicians, corporations, and celebrities, and I’m tired of how there’s always an ulterior motive in how they operate with such great power, but God works through you, po. And you continue to encourage us to level up our faith and, of course, to also help save people. And that, to me, is a hero. So thank you, po!


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Choosing To Be On God’s Side