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What is a Wellness Journal

Journaling in a wellness journal

When is comes to journaling how do you go about writing? How do you start a wellness journal? What do you put in it? More so, how does journaling help our faith?

Recognize Burnout Before Burning Out: Part 2

man with hands on face in front of a computer screen

What is burnout? Are there tips to reduce and treat burnout? How do you know if you are burnt out? Listen to part 2 of Recognizing Burnout Before Burning Out to learn the best way to get through burnout.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Hand reaching out for help with the graphics titled, "It's Okay to Ask for Help".

It can be difficult to ask for help. How do you go about asking for help? Tune in on this episode of Heart And Soul to learn more about the benefits of asking for help.

Friendships [REWIND]

Friends walking on a hike together.

Listen to this recap episode of Heart And Soul as we discuss friendships, love and relationships.

Making Friends

Two friends virtually talking online.

It’s hard to maintain good friendships when we spend so much of our time prioritizing other parts of our life. In this episode we talk about friendships.

Why is Self-Care Important?

Self-Care poster with a green leaf.

Tune in on this episode of Heart and Soul as we discuss the true meaning of self-care. Why Self-Care is so important for your overall health?

Unbroken Heart

Girl at home sad reminiscing about a past relationship.

Let’s talk about love and breakups. How do you move on after a break up? What do you do to cope and move on from break ups? What’s the best way to move on?