Friendships [REWIND]

Friends walking on a hike together.

Listen to this recap episode of Heart And Soul as we discuss friendships, love and relationships.

Making Friends

Two friends virtually talking online.

It’s hard to maintain good friendships when we spend so much of our time prioritizing other parts of our life. In this episode we talk about friendships.

Why is Self-Care Important?

Self-Care poster with a green leaf.

Tune in on this episode of Heart and Soul as we discuss the true meaning of self-care. Why Self-Care is so important for your overall health?

Unbroken Heart

Girl at home sad reminiscing about a past relationship.

Let’s talk about love and breakups. How do you move on after a break up? What do you do to cope and move on from break ups? What’s the best way to move on?

What Does Self-Reflection Mean?

Woman reflecting alone

Reflecting on life can be effective in providing insight and perspective. But sometimes it’s not always no clear. So, what does self-reflection mean?

Say Something Nice

Girl smiling at phone

Find out why saying something nice can have the power to change the course of someone’s life.